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The Alps 2020 (Greentours)

Explore this haven of alpine plants in spring 2020 on this week-long tour.
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  • The idyllic Parc National du Mercantour is just a 90 minute drive north of the already warm and sunny Mediterranean shore.
  • Ascending through lavender-scented valleys, we’ll find woodlands awash with hepaticas, cowslips and oxslips as well as the rare huthii form of Paeonia officinalis.
  • We’ll explore the fantastic Gorge della Reina, home to Primula marginata and P. hirsuta. Clematis alpina swarms over pathside shrubbery and we’ll find military orchids, Geranium macrorrhizum and sword-leaved helleborines.
  • The valleys below Tende and St. Martin du Vesubie are home to pink rock roses, Italian bluebells, sweetly-scented mezeron and the tessellated bells of Fritillaria involucrata. There are also swarms of red and yellow forms of elder-flowered orchid plus Ophrys drumana.
  • In woodlands around Valdeblore, rocky bluffs offer a cascade of white Saxifraga callosa. There are groups of the yellow tessellated moggridgei form of Fritillaria tubaeformis and boulders bedecked with Androsace adfinis and Saxifraga retusa.
  • Higher up, we’ll enjoy alpine turf decorated with snowbells, pasque flowers, spring and trumpet gentians as well as the scarcer endemic Gentiana ligustica.


More information, including accommodation details and full itinerary, can be found on the Greentours website.


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