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Crocuses of the Taurus Mountains 2019 (Greentours)

A staggering 28 species of Crocus are on the agenda for this tour. The leaders have helped make many new discoveries in western Turkey - Yasemin even has one named after her (Crocus yaseminiae).  
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We’ll seek Crocus roseoviolaceus, Crocus beydaglarensis, ice-blue Crocus baytopiorum and Crocus fleischeri. 

On the high pastures of Gembos Yayla, yellow Crocus gembosii and purple-striped blue Crocus mavii hybridise freely producing a kaleidoscope of colour.

The rare Crocus calanthus inhabits cedar of Lebanon forests.

Close to Antalya, there is Crocus oreogenus, tiny Crocus minutus and another Crocus discovered so recently it’s yet to be named! There’s also Crocus antalyensis subsp. antalysensis and Crocus ziyeretensis. 

Aside from Crocus, there’ll be plenty of other spring bulbs to see, including Galanthus elwesii, Scilla bifolia, Cyclamen alpinum, Iris stenophylla and rare Iris pamphylica.

On Babadağ mountain we’ll encounter two special bulbs: Fritillaria forbesii and Scilla forbesii. 


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