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Japan 2020 (Greentours)

Japan's memorably scenic archipelago is home to a mesmerising show of spring flowers. Early spring bulbs bloom where the snow is still receding whilst lower latitudes and elevations host a more exotic flora.
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  • Sado Island we’ll walk in woodlands where both Magnolia salicifolia and Magnolia hypoleuca bloom. Rosa rugosa forms shrubberies amongst which we can find Diphylleia grayi and Lilium maculatum.
  • Hakuba-jiri’s famous snowy valley holds Glaucidium palmatum with its impressive pink or white blooms as well as Anemone flaccida and Primula jesoana.
  • Utsukushigahara – see both orange-red and pinkish forms of Rhododendron molle subsp. japonicum.
  • Ozegahara Marsh and the Numayama Toge Pass – no less than three species of Trillium inhabit this wonderland: pink T. smallii, vinous T. apetalon, and the white T. tschonoskii.
  • Miura PeninsulaLilium auratumArisaema serratum and Astilbe simplicifolia will be among the highlights.

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