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Cacti of Argentina 2019 (Greentours)

Northwestern Argentina is home to over 70 species of cacti. They range from the 300-year-old Trichocereus pascana (3m tall) to the improbably tiny Blossfeldia liliputana.
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Lobivia aurea: It’s spectacular orange-yellow blooms dwarf the plant itself

Soehrensia formosaIt’s brilliant scarlet blooms are clear from afar.

Hieroglyph-engraved menhirs: sit among dry Chaco forest.

Inca’s Empire of the Sun: We’ll come across plenty of evidence of this ancient civilisation.

Purmamarca: Nestled at the foot of the Mountain of Seven Colours, its church is adorned with cactus woodwork!


More information, including accommodation details and full itinerary, can be found on the Greentours website.

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