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Seed Donation Form

September 14, 2020

Want to make a seed donation? Wonderful! Log in, then fill out our seed donation form, sponsored by Griffin Glasshouses, to tell us more.

For help filling in the form, keep scrolling!

Hi seed donor! Thanks for wanting to donate to our seed exchange. Please login to your AGS account to reveal the seed donation form - click the 'log in' button at the top right of this page.

This seed donation form is sponsored by Griffin Glasshouses, who built our fabulous alpine house at AGS HQ.

About Griffin Glasshouses

Griffin Glasshouses is a family business with a history of innovating glasshouse design and continues to be the choice of many estate managers and discerning professional gardeners today.

Made in England each Griffin glasshouse is individually created for you, tailored to your requirements and will be both a pleasure for you to use and an enhancing feature of your property. Manufactured from powder coated aluminium your glasshouse will have all the appeal of a traditional wooden structure but without the maintenance issues. The best ventilated structures in the industry!

Traditional Victorian designs are featured in Griffin Glasshouses’ National Garden Scheme Collection.

Fancy donating seed? Super!

If you're in the UK, start by joining the Society, then return to this page to tell us which seed you have available.

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How to Fill Out the Seed Donation Form

Logging in Online

Don’t have an online account? Set up your online account here.

Have one, but forgotten your password? Reset your password here.

Donor’s Name

This section is for the name of the person donating seed. If you’re helping a friend by filling out the form for them, put their name (not yours) in this section.

Yup, you can do this when logged in as yourself – your name and the donor’s name don’t need to match.

If you have family membership and would like to place two separate donor orders for seed later in the process, simply fill out two separate donation forms. This allows us to give you two priority seed orders if you meet the criteria.

Donor’s Membership Number

If you’re donating seed, enter your membership number. If you’re filling out the form for a friend, enter their membership number. Easy!

Don’t know your membership number? Simply log in to your online account, and visit ‘My Memberships‘. This will show you your membership number, which consists of 6 numbers and 1 letter.

Good donors get special priority when ordering seed and we’ll track this using your membership number, so please double check it’s correct.

Is the Donor Based in the UK?

Unfortunately, this year regulations make it impossible for seed to be received from or posted out to overseas members. We are extremely sorry about this.

Find out more about why the seed exchange is only open to UK members this year and what we’re doing to compensate overseas members.

Donor’s Address

Same again. This should be your address if you’re the donor, or your friend’s address if you’re filling the form out on their behalf.

We will use this information to post your seed order out to you at the next stage in the process, which is why we’re asking you to confirm it here.

Donor’s Email Address

This is the email address that we will use to communicate with you about your seed donation.

Our team may need to come back to you to ask a few questions about the seed you have or with a list of any name changes that need to be made to your seeds.

They will also send an address for you to post your seed to via email, so this should be an address that is checked fairly regularly.

Again, we’re happy for this to be a friend’s email address if the donor is asking for tech support from a pal.

Seed Available for Donation

Type in the full botanical name of the seed you have available for donation into the box, e.g. Gentiana occidentalis. (If it’s an especially long name, you may find it easier to copy and paste the name into the box on the form.)

If you could enter them in alphabetical order, that would be greatly appreciated at it will save our volunteers some admin!

Add another seed name by clicking the ‘+’ symbol on the right hand side of the box next to the seed name you just entered.

Seed from all varieties is very welcome. Small bulbils, rice and corms are also welcome – just indicate these in brackets after the seed name, e.g. Erythronium ‘White Beauty’ (bulbils).

Do this as many times as you need to – there’s space for as many as 60 varieties!

What?! You have more than 60 varieties?! Fabulous! Just fill out a second form.

Special Status for Good Donors

People who donate at least 5 varieties of good quality alpine plant seed will receive extra seed in their order and priority in choosing seed from our seed list.

People who donate even more good quality seed will receive extra priority, so plese do donate more if you can.

This is our way of thanking the best donors to the exchange.

Additional Information

Use this space to tell us anything else you think we might need to know about your seeds!

You have a maximum of 1000 characters.

Again, if what you want to say is lengthy, you may find it easier to use our ‘save and continue’ function at the bottom of the form to save the information you’ve already entered, then type out what you want to say in a separate document before pasting it in.


You must specifically give us your permission to process your details due to GDPR regulations.

Click the circle to indicate that you consent to use processing your information and contacting you as part of the seed exchange.

Your details won’t be used for anything else and we do not share our members’ information with third parties.

Any other problems you need help fixing? Email us on or call us on 01386 554790.