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Seed Donation 2022

Seed Reception is now closed for this year. Thank you to all who have donated seed.

If you donate a minimum of seven different varieties of seed, preferably suitable for a rock garden, you will receive extra packets and priority ordering in the seed distribution.  Family members requiring two orders with donor status must send in a minimum of fourteen different varieties. Please send in your seed to arrive before 10 October 2022, together with your Seed Donor’s form, to the address on the donor form which corresponds to your surname.

Seed Collection

Seed collecting

Seed Donations

The Seed Donor Form is included as pull-out centre pages in the June issue of AGS News.  It can also be downloaded and printed by clicking here. The Donor Form should be filled in and included with your seed donation.

Seed News for Overseas Members

We have just received the very good news that the regulations for seed imported into the UK has been put forward to 2023 so there is no need for Phytosanitary Certificates for seed entering the UK.  This is very good news as there is still time to donate seed to the exchange.  If you are able to donate seed, please post as soon as you can.  If you think your seed will not meet the deadline, we are very happy to receive late seed if you could please email me before posting as I may give you an alternative postal address.

Wild Collected Seed

We request that all donors of wild collected seed comply with the conservation laws of the countries they visit.  For more information about the legalities of wild seed collection, please click here

Seed List 2022

The Seed List will be available to all members online by the end of November. Due to increasing postal charges we will not be posting out seed lists this year, except on request.  Please contact Diane Clement: or the AGS Headquarter at Pershore before 1st November 2022 if you would like a seed list posted to you.

Previous Years' Seed Lists

Previous years' seed lists are available for information by clicking the link below

AGS Seed Lists

Seed Exchange for Overseas Members

We have been advised that the proposed regulations for seed entering the UK have been postponed until at least 2023, so we can accept seed from all members. There are some regulations for the import of seed to some countries. If you are an overseas member who wishes to take part in any aspect of the seed exchange, please follow the link below:

Seed Exchange for Overseas Members

If you have questions about Seed Donation this year, please contact Diane Clement at

Image of Diane Clement Diane Clement

Seed Exchange Manager