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Rock Plants in Flower Competition – Terms and Conditions

March 17, 2021

Thinking of entering our Rock Plants in Flower Competition? Fabuloso! Read the fine print below.

  1. The competition is open to anyone with a Twitter account.
  2. Entrants need to be UK-based, or able to give a UK address to which prizes can be sent.
  3. Entrants do not need to be members of the Alpine Garden Society (AGS).
  4. The photo provided must be of a rock or alpine plant, as defined by the AGS, to be in with a chance of winning. The definition is a wide one that includes many hardy plants not from mountainous regions. If entrants are not sure if their plant is an alpine, we encourage them to enter it so that our judges can make the decision for them. See beneath these t’s and c’s for the AGS’s full definition of an alpine plant.
  5. The photo must be of plants/material that is owned by the entrant. Plants must have been in the entrant’s possession for at least 6 months.
  6. The entrant must tag the Alpine Garden Society Twitter account (@AlpineGardenSoc) in the post to enter it into the competition.
  7. The Twitter post should include the plant name, if known: these can be in Latin, English or both, e.g. ‘Primula veris’ and/or ‘Cowslip’ will be acceptable. (Errors in naming will not disqualify the entry but may be corrected by the judges during the judging process.)
  8. Entries must be made between 11am (GMT) on Tuesday 23rd March 2021 and 2pm (GMT) on Saturday 27th March 2021 to be entered into the competition.
  9. Additional comments about the plant (e.g. whether it was raised from seed, its country of origin and hints or tips on its cultivation) are welcomed in the Twitter post, but are not necessary to enter.
  10. There is no limit to the number of entries one person can enter into the competition, but each photo must be entered as a separate post.
  11. Photos must not be digitally enhanced, if this is suspected, judges will down-point the entry.
  12. Six prizes will be awarded, with 1 winner and 1 runner up for the following categories: (i) Best single plant entry, where the whole plant can be seen, showing flowers, stems and leaves (in the garden or in a container); (ii) Best group of alpine plants growing in a permanent garden setting; (iii) Best close-up, showing the whole flowering portion of the plant. Entrants do not need to indicate which category they are entering in their Twitter post – our judges will decide during the judging process to make entering easy.
  13. The AGS will cover the cost of post & packing of prizes, which will be posted to the UK address provided by the winner. Regrettably, we cannot post prizes to overseas locations.
  14. The competition is a plant competition, not a photo competition, and winners will be picked by experienced judges and stewards on the basis of plant health, vigour and appearance.
  15. Entries will be judged anonymously and will have identifying features removed before being handed to the judges to ensure fairness and equality of opportunity for all growers.
  16. Winners will be announced in a post on Twitter tagging the winner’s Twitter handle in the post between 11am and 1pm on Tuesday 30th March 2021.
  17. If chosen, winners will need to send us a UK postal address by 11:59pm on Friday 2nd April 2021, otherwise replacement winners will be chosen. Winners who did not respond in time will not be entitled to a prize – so keep an eye on your mentions to be sure not to lose out!
  18. The photograph entered must have been taken in March 2021.
  19. By entering the competition, entrants agree that their plant photograph may be featured in AGS print and online channels.
  20. Entrants are responsible for checking the origin of any plant in their possession in line with CITES and any other applicable laws in their country (see below). This is not the responsibility of the AGS.
  21. The competition is being run by the Alpine Garden Society and is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Twitter.

Definition of a “Rock or Alpine plant”: The term covers all plants, including shrubs, suitable for cultivation in a rock garden of moderate size or in an unheated frame or alpine house. It excludes any plants which will not survive an average British winter under such conditions but includes many plants which do not necessarily grow in mountainous regions. Larger species may be shown but ‘suitability’ will be taken into account when comparing with those of a more moderate size.

Conservation: It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to check or monitor the origin or source of any plant exhibited: this image may appear on the Alpine Garden Society (AGS) website and/or thereby featured in its Bulletin. It should be noted that plants grown from seed of CITES protected plants are also governed by the rules of CITES. The AGS accepts no legal responsibility for the origin or source of any such plant so exhibited. The AGS strongly supports the aims of CITES.