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Pelargonium endlicherianum

April 6, 2018
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Family: Geraniaceae

Origin: Turkey & Syria


P. endlicherianum is a clump-forming perennial. It has thickened rhizomes which run just below or across the surface of the soil. It can grow to more than 40 cm tall.

The flowers are fairly large and made up of two large upper carmine-magenta petals and three smaller, lower ones (measuring around 2.5 cm long in total). The umbel arrangement can contain up to 15 individual flowers.

Pelargonium endlicherianum Pelargonium endlicherianum

How to grow

P. endlicherianum is the hardiest species of Pelargonium. It can withstand the winter climate in much of the UK, providing it is planted in a position which avoids heavy rainfall. This makes it a good species for the alpine house.

An ordinary, well-drained soil will suit. Ensure it receives plenty of sun to allow the rhizome to ripen.


Propagation is easy from seed, stem-cutting or division of the rhizome.