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Androsace lanuginosa (woolly rock jasmine)

October 8, 2017
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Latin name: Androsace lanuginosa

Family: Primulaceae

Origin: North West Himalaya



Loose mats of trailing stems, tinged red in youth. Leaves are small, pointed, grey-green in colour and covered with dense hairs – these give the plant its silvery appearance.

Up to 15 florets with rounded, slightly overlapping petals make up the flowers. Flowers are usually pink (sometimes lilac) and bloom in late summer.

androsace lanuginosa androsace lanuginosa

How to grow

Woolly rock jasmine can be planted in the open garden: choose a grit-based, well-drained soil. It is ideal for planting in a scree bed or crevice setting.

It grows best in a spot that will offer some protection from the wet weather in winter.


Propagation is fairly simple. Cuttings can be taken in summer and stems often root spontaneously.