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Plant Knowledge

Part of our charitable remit is to gather and share knowledge of alpine plants and their habitats.

We gather this plant knowledge through our sponsorship of research projects, study grants and the plant tours we operate.

We share it via our journal and website articles, plant shows and specialist encyclopaedia.

Plant and nature conservation lake district


A major threat to alpine habitats is climate change. We recognise the importance of understanding how these changes in our climate affect alpine plants in the wild. We help fund research projects dedicated to furthering our understanding in this area. The findings of these projects, in turn, help shape our approach to conservation. Find out how to apply for funding here.

Environmental awareness

Careful stewardship underpins all that we do at the Alpine Garden Society. We are committed to observing the laws and regulations regarding seed and plant collection in the UK and abroad.

We also promote the use of environmentally-friendly growing methods. We encourage our members to choose renewable materials like composted bark and leafmould rather than the non-renewable moss peat in their compost mix.

Sharing knowledge

Part of our stewardship role is sharing knowledge of cultivation and conservation. We do this through our specialist publications, quarterly journal, encyclopaedia and the resources on this website.

We are passionate about fostering a love of alpines among the next generation of gardeners.