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AGS Travel Awards & Grants: 2019 Projects

July 5, 2019
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Each year, the Society gives Travel Awards to enthusiasts wishing to gain field experience in the study of alpine plants in native habitats.

Travel Awards 2019

The successful 2019 Travel Award applicants and details of their projects are listed below:

Gary Mentako – £840

Field study trip to Lofoten Islands in Norway looking at alpines and their habitats.

Mark Mathews & Nicholas Russell – £2,500 each

Visit to China to further horticultural knowledge and learn more about the native alpine plants and their habitats.

Lee Schofield (joint application) – £2,000

Field study trip to study montane scrub habitats of alpine plants in order to assist with conservation and restoration of similar habitats in the UK.

Vicki Thompson – £400

To assist with costs of a research trip looking at alpines and cultivation techniques at Tromsø, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Ben Lomond and conservation work at Ben Lawyers.

Hendry Fund

The details of successful Hendry Fund applicants 2019:

Dzana Bordanic – £1,500

Contribution to costs of an internship at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Dylan Cohen – £1,155

Assistance with costs of a field work trip to Chile to study Loasa (Grausa).

Tom Freeth & Lara Jewitt – £730

Assistance wtih costs of a study trip to alpine gardens in Colorado.

2020 Applications

Applications should be clearly defined projects, though awards have been made to those wishing to participate in an AGS tour if it complements a particular area of interest. In addition, grants for specific alpine-related projects are available, financed by the E.F. Hendry Fund.

Further information on grants and funding can be found here.

The deadline for applications is 31 January 2020.