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Rock Plants in Flower Competition

March 17, 2021
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Got rock plants looking glorious? Enter them into our Rock Plants in Flower Competition for your chance to win fabulous prizes!

Are your rock plants all dressed up with nowhere to go? Bring them to the party with our Rock Plants in Flower Competition!

Launching on Twitter at 11am on Tuesday 23 March 2021, the competition invites you to enter photos of your alpine plants in flower.

So get snapping!

How do I Enter the Competition?

Step 1: Take photos of your rock plants

This can be of a single plant in your garden or in a pot, a close-up of an alpine flower, or a photo of a bunch of beautiful alpines in flower in your garden. It’s up to you!

Step 2: Upload a photo to Twitter

Create a tweet and attach your chosen plant photo to it. Add the plant name in the text box – don’t know the Latin name? No problem! Pop the common name in.

Not sure you’ve got the name right? No problem! We’ll try to sort that out at our end before we announce the winners, don’t worry.

Haven’t a clue what the name is? Enter with no name! We’d rather see your beautiful plants than have them excluded because you’ve lost the label. As an added bonus, if our judges know the name, they’ll add it for you during the judging process!

Step 3: Tag @AlpineGardenSoc & publish!

Arguably the most important step of all – you need to tag the Alpine Garden Society Twitter account in your tweet and publish it to Twitter so we know you’ve entered!

Don’t know how to tag? It’s really simple – in the comments box, just type the ‘@’ symbol followed immediately by our username (AlpineGardenSoc), so it looks like this: @AlpineGardenSoc

What are the Rock Plants in Flower Competition Prizes?

We have 3 bundles of incredible AGS goodies to give away to 3 very lucky winners!

Each of these includes:

  • 1 copper hand trowel
  • 1 copper hand fork
  • Set of 4 Heather Raeburn rock plant tea towels
  • Alpine Garden Society tote bag
  • 90th anniversary journal

We will also be sending 3 runners up our 2021 Alpine Garden Society calendar and 90th anniversary journal. Nice hey?!

One caveat: Due to new international restrictions recently introduced by mail carriers, should you win, we’ll need a UK address to post your prize to. Read our full terms and conditions here.

If you’re not UK-based and don’t have a UK address to give us, you’re still very welcome to enter for the accolade! Alternatively, keep your eyes peeled for other initiatives we’ll be running soon that will suit you.

What’s the Competition Deadline?

It’s 2pm (UK time) on Saturday 27th March 2021. So get your entries in before then to be in with a chance of winning a prize!

Winners will be announced on Twitter on Tuesday 30th March. Your Twitter handle will be tagged in the post to alert you to your amazing achievement, so keep an eye on your mentions on this date.

If you win, you’ll need to give us a UK address to post your prizes to! For more information, see the competition terms and conditions.

Can I Enter More than One Plant?

Abso-bloomin’-lutely! You can enter as many times as you like.

Just be sure to create a new post for each new entry, following the 3 steps above. Simple!

What if I Don’t Know Whether my Plant is a Rock Plant?

Enter it anyway! Our definition of a rock plant is very wide and contains many hardy plants that are not found in mountainous regions. This can make it tricky to figure out whether some plants are alpines or not.

While you’re welcome to view the Society’s full definition of a rock plant or the list of alpine plant genera on our encyclopaedia, we’re also happy for you to enter your plant and allow us to make the call for you.

There will be no embarassing calling anybody out – if anything, we’ll enjoy looking at even more glorious plants than usual!

When Does my Photograph Need to Have Been Taken?

The short answer is: Now.

The slightly longer answer is plant photos need to have been taken in March 2021.

This is because we want the competition to reflect the beautiful rock plants that are in flower now, while the competition is live, to keep the competition current.

Do I Need to Choose a Class to Enter?

If you’re one of our members who’s familiar with flower shows, you may wonder whether you need to choose a class into which to enter your plant.

The answer is no!

As long as your entry is of a rock plant (or plants) in flower, it’s in with a chance – just follow the 3 steps above to enter it into the competition.

Do I Need a Twitter Account to Enter?

Yes, you do. It’s easy to sign up for an account and does not require much personal information to do so.

You’ll need to enter a name (it does not have to be your real name) and either an email address or a phone number.

Twitter will send a message to check that this really belongs to you (to stop you from creating an account for someone else without their knowledge).

Once this is authenticated, you’re good to go! Find detailed instructions on setting up a Twitter account here.

How do I Create a Tweet?

Have you set up an account, but need some help on how to create a tweet?

Here’s an instructional video on how to create a tweet that should help you out.

What if I Don’t Want a Twitter Account?

That’s absolutely fine. Whether or not you engage with the Society on Twitter is completely up to you.

We do, however, have a reach of around 50,000 people on the platform, so we’re hoping lots of people will engage with the competition.

There will be plenty of other initiatives coming your way on different platforms, so if this one’s not for you, keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

Getting Your Plant to Look its Best

If you’re planning to enter a plant in a container and you fancy going to whole flower show hog, check out this video on how our experts get their plants looking their best.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

You can read the Rock Plants in Flower Competition terms and conditions here.

We can’t wait to see all of your incredible entries on Twitter next week!

In the meantime, if you have any questions that are not answered on this page or in our terms and conditions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on

Looking forward to seeing your mind-blowing plants!