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Photographic Competition Winners 2018

March 20, 2019
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Our annual Photographic Competition is a chance for members to show off their creative flair. Photographs are judged strictly on their artistic merit.

The first, second and third place winners in each class are awarded prize money. The overall winners of every class receive prize points which count towards AGS Artistic Medals.

The first place winners of our 2018 competition are shown below. Second and third places can be seen in our March 2019 journal.

Thank you to everyone who entered.

Class One (Overall Competition Winner)

Criteria: An alpine or rock plant in a natural (wild) landscape. (Both plant(s) and landscape featured). Care should be taken to feature prominently a plant or group of plants in an alpine setting. Importantly, the scenery should support and not dominate the composition, but convey a sense of context and geographical location.

Winner: Harry Jans (Loenen, Netherlands)

Entry: Puya raimondii. Carretera Pastoruri Pass to Pastoruri at 4,245m, Peru. (April 2018)

Camera: Nikon D7200 (DSLR) fitted with a Tamron 18-270mm zoom lens at 23mm (equivalent 34m): exposure 1/160sec at f18, ISO 250.

Class Two

Criteria: Portrait of an alpine or rock plant in the wild. The entire plant should be featured. The essential element is to feature a plant in its entirety (more in the manner of a botanical study), including all flowers, leaves and stems. The immediate scenery need only suggest the feeling of a wild place.

Winner: Bob Gibbons (Wimborne, Dorset, UK)

Entry: Pulsatilla pratensis. Sandy coastal soil, Saaremaa, Estonia. (May 2017)

Camera: Canon 5DS R (DSLR): fitted with a Canon 100mm macro-lens (full frame): exposure 1/200sec at f5, ISO 100.

Class Three

Criteria: Close-up detail of an alpine or rock plant in the wild or in cultivation, with leaves included as appropriate. The objective should be to reveal the more intimate beauty of alpines by emphasising any features of special interest (e.g. individual flower(s), groups of leaves or magnified floral structures). In the wild, in the garden or in the studio, natural or artifical lighting, anything creative is acceptable.

Winner: Arne Jakobsen (Tiller, Norway)

Entry: Dryas octopetala. Forollhogna Mountains, Norway. (June 2009)

Camera: Nikon D200 (DSLR) fitted with a 60mm lens (equivalent 90mm): exposure 1/125sec at f22, ISO 160.

Class Four

Criteria: An alpine plant in cultivation in a garden setting. It can be in your own garden or a garden you have visited. The plant(s) may be displayed in a close-up, portrait or landscape manner. It is intended to appeal to all who simply love alpine plants and gardens.

Winner: Celia Sawyer (Long Compton, Warwickshire, UK)

Entry: Aubrieta mixed. Peel Cathedral, Isle of Man. (May 2018)

Camera: Nikon Coolpix S9500 (Compact): 4.5-99mm lens at 4.5mm (equivalent 25mm): exposure 1/1250sec at f3.4, ISO 125.

Class Five

Criteria: An alpine garden or part of a garden showing features used to grow alpine plants, such as troughs, raised beds, crevice gardens, pots, screes, alpine houses and so on. These photographs should inspire others to grow and display alpines in a myriad of different ways, from the compact and individual setting to the grand scale.

Winner: Harry Jans (Loenen, Netherlands)

Entry: Large tufa rock with various alpines. Own garden in the Netherlands. (May 2018)

Camera: Nikon D7200 (DSLR) fitted with a Tamron 18-270mm zoom lens at 20mm (equivalent 30mm): exposure 1/160sec at f14, ISO 200.

Class Six

Criteria: Alpine fauna in the wild in a mountain landscape or in association with alpine plants. Wild flowers are always accompanied by fauna, from the mammoth to the miniscule. The majority are a welcome distraction in the alpine world, and are popular subjects for many photographers.

Winner: Bob Gibbons (Wimborne, Dorset, UK)

Entry: Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) grazing in a flowery alpine meadow. Gran Paradiso, Italian Alps. (July 2018)

Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV (DSLR): fitted with a Sigma 150mm macro-lens (full frame): exposure 1/100sec at f6.3, ISO 1000.

Class Seven

Criteria: An alpine landscape. An alpine landscape not necessarily showing specific plants but concentrating on the scenic beauty and/or geology of the setting. You should be inspired by unusual natural beauty, from the small and intimate to the grand panorama.

Winner: Ursula Junker (Olten, Switzerland)

Entry: View looking east with the mountains Hvalfell and Botnsúlur, Iceland. (March 2018)

Camera: Nikon Coolpix A900 (Compact Bridge) with a 4.3-151mm lens at 8mm (equivalent 45mm): exposure 1/1250sec at f4, ISO 100.

Class Eight

Criteria: A quirky, amusing or unusual image featuring alpine plants. Digital manipulation is allowed in this class.

Winner: John Willis (Frederick, Maryland, USA)

Entry: Shepherd House Meadow Garden, Inveresk, Scotland. Set to HDR and handheld to get the effect of a Monet painting.

Camera: Canon G15 (Compact): with a 6.1-30.5mm lens at 6.1mm (equivalent 28mm): exposure f2.8, ISO 80.

How to enter

To enter this year’s competition, email your entries to or post them to Alpine Garden Society, AGS Centre, Avon Bank, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 3JP, UK.

Deadline: 1 December 2019. 

See full competition rules and prize details here.


*The AGS Photographic Competition is sponsored by Greentours*