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Online Flower Show – Winners Announced

June 19, 2020
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Our Online Flower Show 2020 had nearly 700 entries! See the winners and many of our favourites below.

To replace some of our in-person shows this year, we decided to run an Online Flower Show that mimicked the set up of our UK shows.

Members took photographs of their plants and entered them into 293 different classes, with everything from Lewisia to cushion plants to Saxifraga represented.

As is usual with in person shows, members entered plants into the novice, intermediate or open (i.e. advanced) section, depending on their level of experience, so judges could mark plants accordingly.

Flower Show Judging

When the closing date passed on 5th June, our 9 judges leapt into action to review all 690 entries! They scored each plant individually and added up the points to choose a first, second and third place in each class.

Plants have to be incredible to be awarded 3rd place, spectacular to be awarded 2nd place, and mind-boggingly fantastic to win first place. So all are marvellous achievements!

2nd & 3rd Place Winners

Here are some beautiful 2nd & 3rd place winners this year (click on the photo to find out more)…

1st Place Winners

We had so many brain-shakingly fabulous 1st place plants!

Feast your eyes on these… (click on the photo for more info)

Members’ Choice

Members also vote for their favourites in each class. Sometimes they disagree with the judges!

Here are some plants that captured their hearts:

Flower Show Aggregate Awards

Some exhibitors win first place across many classes, showing mastery in multiple areas.

Whoever wins the most first place prizes in their section wins the ‘aggregate’ award. As you can imagine, this is no small feat!

So, it is with great delight that we announce that, this year’s Online Flower Show Aggregate Awards go to:

Kathy Marshall – Novice Aggregate Winner

Kathy presented the judges with a fine selection of fabulous plants across many novice classes. Her show-stopping entries included (left to right above):

  • Deuterocohnia brevifolia – 1st place, class 289 (cushion plant)
  • Saxifraga stolonifera – 2nd place, class 278 (rock plant native to Japan or China)
  • Sedum pilosum – 1st place & members’ choice in class 292 (rock plant grown from seed)

Congratulations Kathy! You take home £20 in Alpine Garden Society e-vouchers to spend on alpine goodies in our online shop. Fabulous!

Tony Hollingworth – Intermediate Aggregate Winner

Congratulations Tony! Your plants were so admired across the many different intermediate classes by the judges that you have won the section aggregate. Well done!

Above are some of Tony’s beautiful plants. From left to right they are:

  • Erythronium ‘Apple Blossom’ – 1st place, class 169 (Erythronium)
  • Phlox nivalis ‘Nivea’ – 2nd place, class 2 (rock plant not covered by specialised classes 3-52)
  • Trillium kurabayashi – 1st place & members’ choice, class 172 (Trillium)
  • Fritillaria affinis ‘Sunray’ – 1st place, class 179 (rock plant native to North America)
  • Larix kaempferi ‘Elizabeth Rehder’ – 2nd place, class 188 (dwarf conifer)

Tony also takes away £20 in AGS vouchers. Whoop!

Ian Instone – Open Aggregate Winner

What a show Ian Instone put on for us! This is just a small selection of his many first place prize winners across the open section. They are (left to right):

  • Narcissus bulbocodium ‘White Petticoat’ – 1st & members’ choice, class 60 (miniature Narcissus)
  • Aster souliei – 1st place, class 17 (Compositae)
  • Sebaea thomasii ‘Bychan’ 1st place, class 73 (rock plant native to Africa)
  • Physoplexis comosa – 1st place & members’ choice, class 20 (Campanulaceae excluding Campanula)
  • Oxalis enneaphylla patagonia – 2nd & members’ choice, class 32 (Oxalis)

Ian also receives £20 in AGS vouchers for his stellar effort!

Best in Show Entries

In addition to the aggregate awards, our judges also sifted through the hundreds of entries to find the very best plant entered in each section.

Stephen Clarke – Best Entry, Novice Section

Huge congratulations to Stephen Clarke whose plant Muscari armeniacum ‘Siberian Tiger’ was declared the best entry in the entire novice section!

The judges were very impressed by the colour and form of this plant. Beautiful!

Stephen also wins £20 in AGS vouchers to spend in our shop. Well done, Stephen!

Tony Hollingworth – Best Entry, Intermediate Section

The prize for best entry in the intermediate section goes to Tony Hollingworth, the winner of the Intermediate Aggregate Award!

The judges felt that his plant, Roscoea ‘Snowy Owl’ stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Tony adds his winnings of another £20 in vouchers to his £20 for the aggregate, making a total of £40. Go Tony!

Peter Hood – Best Entry, Open Section

With this cracking Iris, Peter Hood fought off the competition to win not only the prize for the Best Entry in the Open Section, but also…

Peter Hood – Best Entry, Bulbous Classes

…and can’t you see why? Beautiful, perfectly formed flowers boast deep colour that really caught the judges’ attention.

Peter takes home £20 in digital vouchers for each win, making a grand total of £40. He also wins the Frank Badrick trophy for the latter win. Wonderful!

Ian Instone – Best Entry, Non-Bulbous

Last, but by no means least, comes Ian Instone again with his incredible Draba ‘John Saxton.’

Absolutely covered in glorious flowers, this plant is a real show-stopper. Ian adds another £20 in vouchers to his Open Aggregate win (totalling £40), as well as the Glebelands trophy. Marvellous work!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the many marvellous plants that were entered into our Online Flower Show 2020. Winners will be receiving their vouchers via email next week – well done all!

A huge thank you goes out to the behind-the-scenes team who made the Online Flower Show possible. This includes judges Rannveig Wallis, John Richards, Robert Rolfe, Dave Mountfort, Bob Wallis, Martin Rogerson, Jim Almond, Jim McGregor and Ray Drew, as well as Rob Amos, Jon Evans and David Charlton who were our stewards.

Ray Drew also managed the Online Flower Show with support from Jim McGregor. Without them, it would not have been possible. Thank you both!

Maybe next year, you’ll have a go too? We’d love to see what you’re growing and welcome you into our thriving community of alpine enthusiasts.

If you want more where that came from, view all the Online Flower Show entries here.

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