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Online Flower Show Entries & Winners!

February 1, 2021
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Our latest Online Flower Show has now been judged! Find out more about the incredible plants that were entered and see the ones that stole our judges’ hearts.

We had 511 entries into our Online Flower Show for summer and autumn 2020. In this article, we take a sneak peek at some of the stand out plants that set our hearts racing!

Online Flower Show Winners

Best Entry of a Single Species

This gigantic Favratia zoysii (formerly Campanula zoysii) won Ian Instone top marks! The judges marvelled at its glorious flowers and sheer size.

They were so impressed, in fact, that they declared it the ‘best entry of a single species’ in the entire show. This gave Ian £40 in AGS vouchers to spend on goodies in our online shop. He also won another £40 for having the most first prize winning plants in the entire show – not too shabby!

To find out how he did it, members can watch Ian’s talk on how to grow Favratia zoysii that he kindly gave for us in summer. Beware, though, to get a good sized show plant, you have to cut off all of its flowers… ouch!

Best Entry of Plants in the Garden

Next up, this fabulous sunken garden featuring alpine troughs and scree. Isn’t it glorious?

A huge congratulations to member, Tony Lee, who won £40 to spend in our online shop with this beauty.

One thing to bear in mind with our Online Flower Show is that it differs from our Photography Competition in that it’s the plants and gardens being judged, rather than the photographs.

So, technically, you can win with a less than perfect photo of a cracking garden – although we think this one ticks both boxes, wouldn’t you agree?!

Plants Deserving Special Mention

Dionysia ‘Judith Bramley’

First up, Dionysia ‘Judith Bramley,’ which was shown by famed grower Paul Ranson.

These alpine cushion plants are native to the mountains of central Asia. They are notoriously tricky to grow – let alone to get to flower consistently and simultaneously, creating a plump little cushion of flowers like this one.

No wonder the judges were full of admiration for this plant… It only narrowly missed out on being declared ‘Best Entry,’ being just pipped at the post by the Favratia zoysii above.

Stellera chamaejasme

This is an exceedingly difficult plant to grow in cultivation, but Ken Curtis has it down!

An herbaceous perennial native to Asia, it needs a hot, sunny spot in gritty soil to thrive.

The plant is shown beautifully in a garden setting in this picture – a rare treat that is reserved for the judges of the Online Flower Show alone, since it’s one of the few times members can enter plants growing in the garden and not only those that they’ve been able to transport to the show in a container.

Alpine Plants Naturalised in a Meadow Setting

The judges were in awe of this cluster of Cyclamen coum, Galanthus and Crocus tommasinianus naturalised in the grass of Celia Sawyer’s garden.

Celia tells us that Cyclamen are strewn all around her garden on account of ants scattering the seed about.

This is by design! Cyclamen seeds have a sugary coating to attract ants, who carry the seed to their underground nests, eat the coating and then leave the seed in the perfect conditions for germination.

Online Flower Show Classes & Judging

Our Online Flower Show has 112 different classes – or categories – for plants to be entered into this time around.

Four judges combed through each class and awarded plants scores based on their merits. This means that, in each class, there is a first prize, second prize and third prize spot to be won.

There is also a members’ choice award, chosen by vote.

Let’s take a look at some of the plants that impressed the judges – and our members!

First Prize Winners

All of the below plants were awarded first prizes by our judges, which is no mean feat!

Click on a picture to expand it and see the plant information.

Second Prize Winners

We also had some spectacular second prize winners, as you can see from the below beauties!

Click each picture for more info.

Third Prize Winners

Third prizes also went to some gorgeous plants – as you can see below. Keep trying exhibitors, these plants are on the up and up!

Beautiful Online Flower Show Entries

There were also some beautiful entries that were not among the prize winners. A shout out to all the exhibitors who entered these gems into the show!

Well done to absolutely everyone who entered, it was a cracking show with some fabulous plants! If you’d like to see more, view the full list of classes for the show here.

And of course the Online Flower Show would not be what it is without the many dedicated volunteers who make the show possible.

So a huge thank you must go to flower show manager, Ray Drew, stewards Rob Amos and David Charlton, and judges John Richards, Dave Mountfort and Jim Almond (Ray Drew also judged). Thank you all!