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Important new book from the AGS: Meconopsis for Gardeners

May 30, 2017

An important new book has been published by the Society in collaboration with The Meconopsis Group.

Meconopsis for Gardeners is edited by Christopher Grey-Wilson. Contributions come from members of The Meconopsis Group, renowned growers and experts on the genus in Britain and abroad.

Meconopsis for Gardeners

Why Meconopsis?

Blue poppies of the Meconopsis genus are among the most eye-catching and appealing of all garden plants. They were first introduced from the wild in the early 20th century. They originate from the Himalayas and Tibet. There is now a complex array of forms and hybrids in our gardens.

The Meconopsis Group

The Meconopsis Group was established in 1998 to study all the known forms. Their ultimate aim is to identify with certainty those previously named and give names to others of excellent constitution, garden-worthiness and distinctiveness. This has led to the identification and ramification of more than 60.

Meconopsis for Gardeners 

The new publication is a wide-ranging book. Topics include the history of the genus in cultivation, classification for gardeners, genetics, cultivation and propagation, pests and disease, maintaining a collection, species and cultivars in cultivation, wild and cultivated hybrids, the big perennial blue poppies and conservation.