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Video: Facinating Snowdrops

February 5, 2021
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Discover snowdrops with our latest YouTube video by National Collection Holder, David MacLennan!

Hear about the differences between 3 common snowdrop species (Galanthus nivalis, Galanthus elwesii and Galanthus plicatus) and their beautiful, named cultivars in our latest video.

From the tusks of Galanthus nivalis ‘Walrus’ to the double flowers of Galanthus ‘Ailwyn,’ snowdrops show huge and beautiful variations that light up a galanthophile’s heart!

Notice differences in size, flower shape and markings and get to grips with common snowdrop terminology, like poculiform and pterugiform, as you dip your toe in the water of galanthophilia!

Fascinating Snowdrops

This video is a fabulous introduction to snowdrop variations by David MacLennan, with photos courtesy of both David and Margaret MacLennan, who are the National Collection Holders for Galanthus with Scientific Status.

A huge thank you to them for sharing their knowledge and love of snowdrops with our audience!