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Call for Donations to Save the Seed Exchange

November 7, 2020
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The seed exchange is in danger of folding next year unless AGS members pledge support for the scheme. That’s why we’re putting out a call for donations to save the seed exchange!

Christmas Comes Again: Readying Rare Alpine Seeds for Delivery in 2021

If you’ve partaken in our seed exchange, you’ll know that it gives you the chance to grow beautiful alpine plants you’d be hard-pressed to find in the shops.

This year, hundreds of members have donated seed and even more have placed seed orders. Now, our team of volunteers are processing these orders, using our seed exchange technology, and soon HQ staff will be picking your orders and posting them out to you.

Come January and February 2021, seed envelopes will starts landing on your doorsteps and you’ll be excitedly ripping them open to see what gems await you inside – it’ll be like Christmas come again!

But is this the last year of second Christmasses? See, the seed exchange is in danger unless members pledge support for the scheme. Donate £5 to support the exchange now or read on to find out more!

Seed Exchange in Danger for 2021

You see, the seed exchange can only run with the support of computer technology, and the technology it usually runs on cannot be used again next year.

This is because its special custom design was built before the advent of contemporary technology. As the specialist skills required to run this custom platform dwindle, the seed exchange is put at risk of not running next year.

That is, unless we do something drastic.

What’s the drastic thing we need to do? We need to inject a sizeable amount of capital into the exchange to update and rebuild the technology on which it depends. But, especially after the financial challenges we are facing due to Covid, we may not have any money in the bank to fund this expensive re-build next year.

We were down in the dumps when we realised this.

But then we had a bright idea.

Donate £5 to Save the Seed Exchange

We remembered that our audience are a generous bunch, who might just be willing to put their hands in their pockets to save the seed exchange!

And so we’re asking you now – will you donate £5 to save the seed exchange?

We thought you might.

Save the Seed Exchange


We’ve set a target of raising £2000 from members to save the seed exchange. While this won’t fund the rebuild project in its entirety, it will get us a substantial portion fo the way there!

Let’s work together to support a scheme that so many of you love and wouldn’t be without.

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