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Bulbous Plants of Turkey and Iran

July 16, 2021
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‘Bulbous Plants of Turkey and Iran’ is the much anticipated new edition of Peter Sheasby’s photographic field guide. The book has been fully revised with a new text by Dr. Christopher Grey-Wilson.

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An additional 150 species have been included alongside 350 new images. Naming and conservation issues surrounding these fascinating plants have been considered as well.

This book covers the majority of bulbous plants found in Turkey (including European Turkey) and Iran. The flora of this vast region, which includes coasts, mountains and deserts, is rich and varied. It ranges from Mediterranean maquis to coniferous and deciduous forests, steppes and high alpines. In all these different habitats bulbous plants play a significant role. Therefore bulbs are a particular feature of the spring and early summer months, although quite a few are to be found in bloom in the autumn and early winter.

Bulbous Plants of Turkey & Iran

Enjoy below a small selection of flowering bulbs that are covered in our new publication.