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£10k Conservation Grants for Alpine Projects

January 15, 2021
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We’re offering £10k in conservation grants to projects that conserve alpine plants! Read on for information & how to apply.

We support a range of alpine conservation projects, like this one at Mardale. And now we’ve decided to add more grants to our repertoire to support extra projects in 2021 and beyond!

Small Alpine Conservation Projects Grants

Our Small Alpine Conservation Projects Grants will support short-term, small scale projects that focus on alpine plant conservation.

This is because we recognise that small projects are just as important as larger ones for the conservation of alpines!

We have £10,000 to give away with up to £5,000 available per project. This means we may end up supporting two projects at £5,000 each or ten at £1,000 each – it depends on who applies!

Conservation Grants: Eligible Projects

Here are some examples of the sorts of projects that would be eligible for one of our new grants:

  • Renovating a rock garden using endangered alpine species
  • Studying endangered alpine plant species in the wild
  • Restoring an alpine house that houses endangered alpine species
  • Looking at the ex situ conservation of alpine species
  • Studying how legal frameworks affect the conservation of alpines
  • Supporting a student working on a project related to the conservation of alpine plants

If you have another small-scale, short-term project that involves conserving endangered alpines in any fashion, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

How to Apply for a Grant

To apply for a grant, simply fill out the online form below. Submit it before the deadline: 11:59pm (GMT) on 28th February 2021.

For more detailed instructions on what we’re looking for in the project description section, view our guidance notes.

We recommend preparing your answers in a separate document and then pasting them into the form so you don’t lose your work.

If you’d rather send the form to us by post, download the Small Alpine Conservation Project Grant Application Form. Send it to us at:

AGS Centre
Avon Bank
WR10 3JP

For any queries about the application process, contact

Results of Conservation Grant Applications

Our Conservation Steering Group will assess applications and create a shortlist of the best projects.

They will then pass this shortlist on to our Trustee Board. The trustees will make final funding decisions at our April Board Meeting.

We will inform the lucky recipients of our awards by late April 2021. Good luck – we’re looking forward to receiving your application!