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AGS Staff On Furlough

February 2, 2021
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Due to pressure created by the Covid-19 pandemic, all AGS staff are on furlough as of 1st Feb 2021.

Due to the continuing pressure created by the Covid-19 pandemic, our Director and Trustee Board have taken the decision to put all staff, including the Director himself, on part-time furlough.

This is effective from 1st Feb 2021 and will continue for as long as needed to protect the interests of the AGS, its members and staff members.

This means that all staff will be working significantly reduced hours while the pandemic continues.

What Does Staff Furlough Mean for AGS Members?

In most cases, you won’t notice much of a difference. You’ll continue to receive your journal, The Alpine Gardener, and our print newsletter, Alpine News, every quarter as usual.

Your book orders will still be being processed by our team. We’ll also still be providing virtual events and content via our online channels, though their frequency may be reduced.

Our Facebook Members Group will continue to function as a source of support and interaction for members.

However, staff will not be available to answer as many phone calls or emails as usual.

We ask that you bear with us as we try to do the best for our members, our staff and the wider organisation during this difficult time.

Why Are AGS Staff On Furlough?

During our recent AGM, our treasurer outlined the difficult financial situation the Society finds itself in due to the Covid-19 pandemic. (If you’re a member, you can view the papers for our 2020 AGM here.)

Our flower shows, events, alpine plant tours, local gardening group meetings and investments have all been hit hard.

Since the government are offering the furlough scheme for organisations experiencing financial hardship caused by the pandemic, we felt it was right to reduce the payroll burden on the AGS during this time.

This will help us to come back full force once the pandemic is over and restrictions are lifted.

What if I Have an Urgent Request?

If you have a truly urgent request, please send an email to and mark it as urgent.

Urgent queries include things like: Membership renewal problems, lost journals and book orders that have taken longer than 4 weeks to arrive.

We will do our very best to prioritise all urgent enquiries so that they are dealt with first.

Thank you for your patience while AGS staff are on furlough. We will be back with you in full force very soon!