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AGS Email Newsletter – Launched

July 16, 2020
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You can now get our news, articles, special offers, competitions and virtual events direct to your email inbox with the AGS email newsletter!

Great news! We have now launched an email newsletter to deliver our latest news, articles, virtual events, special offers and discounts straight to your email inbox.

Sign up and you’ll never miss another important piece of Society news ever again!

Simply visit this link, enter your name and email address and tick the box to give us permission to contact you. You’ll get an email asking you to confirm your subscription. And that’s it!

(Beware: Sometimes the confirmation email may end up in your junk mail folder. Be sure to check this folder if you haven’t received an email within a couple of hours!)

Who is the AGS Email Newsletter for?

Anyone who is interested in the Society’s activities is very welcome to subscribe – members and non-members alike.

While some of the content advertised in the newsletter is accessible only to members, many discounts, competitions and articles are open to all.

We’d love to have you as part of our community.

What’s the Difference between the Email & Print Newsletters?

Our print newsletter is sent to AGS members and quarterly in the post with our journal, The Alpine Gardener.

The email newsletter is open to all, more regular than the print newsletter and arrives instantly in your inbox. It means we can tell you about important news more quickly.

That said, the email newsletter is designed to compliment the print newsletter, not replace it altogether.

Why Can’t I Just Check the AGS Website?

You can if that’s how you prefer to get your news. The new newsletter simply gives you a way of getting the latest news in one email without having to lift a finger. Simple as that.

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