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Applying for grants and funding

September 3, 2018
Below are some helpful guidelines to consider and observe when completing your application for any AGS grant or award.

Plant & Seed Collection

  1. Would seed be available for distribution after your journey?
  2. Would plant imagery be available for the Society’s use?

Please note: If you propose to collect plants, herbarium specimens or seeds, it’s necessary to outline exactly how you propose to proceed. What advice are you seeking and do you have professional backing from a recognised botanical institute?

It is essential that you demonstrate a clear understanding of the legal restriction of plant and seed collection in your chosen area and the formalities to be observed when importing into the UK.

The Society does not impose a general prohibition on collecting, but does expect:

i. Careful observance of the rules, both in the UK and abroad, and

ii. A responsible attitude on the part of those collecting.

Further Guidance

  • Any award is dependent on the area visited yielding information on alpine or rock plants regarded as hardy in the UK.
  • The relevance of your journey in relation to your work and/or studies will be considered.
  • A principle requirement of any award is the submission of a written account of your journey within six months of your return.
  • The Society reserves the right to publish award reports in its journal and on the website.
  • Any applicant related to a Trustee of the Alpine Garden Society must declare this on their application.

Download an application form for the Hendry Fund or AGS Travel Awards.