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See below details of events and important dates in the AGS calendar. For full details of timings, venues and contacts, click on the links in each event.
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  • May 2022

    4 May 2022Cotswold & Malvern In-person meeting: Neil Huntley, ‘Primulas’

    5 May 2022Dorset In-person meeting: Julia Corden, ‘Favourite Alpines from Around the World’

    9 May 2022Bedfordshire In-person meeting: Diane Clement, ‘The narrow road to the deep north: travels in Japan’

    10 May 2022Epping-Forest In-person meeting: John Fielding, ‘Why can we grow so many Mediterranean plants in the UK?’

    13 May 2022Chiltern in-person meeting: Richard Green, ‘China beyond the crowds’

    13 May 2022Wirral & West Cheshire: AGM including a walk at Ness.

    14 May 2022South Lancashire In-person meeting: Mini Show

    14 May 2022West Yorkshire In-person meeting: AGS & Group spring show

    17 May 2022East Surrey In-person meeting: Bob Charman, ‘Kyrgyzstan and the Roof of the World’

    18 May 2022Mid-Kent In-person meeting: Ray Drew, ‘Cypripedium at Ditton’

    18 May 2022Somerset Garden visits to East Lambrook Manor and Avon Bulbs

    20 May 2022East-Cheshire In-person meeting: Group Show & AGM followed by member’s talk

    20 May 2022Devon Exeter In-person meeting: Dick Fulcher & Richard Horswood ’I do it My Way’ (Propagation and Troughs)’

    21 May 2022Mid Anglia – Garden visit

    25 May 2022Somerset In person meeting: Celia Wright, ‘From High Mountains to Long Mountain’

    26 May 2022Essex In person meeting: Doug Joyce, ‘Bardfield Oxlips’

    26 May 2022 – Hampshire In-person meeting: Colin Everett, ‘Growing Fritillaria What I Do and Why’. Photographic Competition Results. The Margaret Hedges Trophy for the photographic competition winner.

    28 May 2022Norfolk In person meeting: Kit Strange, ‘Alpines of the Western Pacific Coast of the USA’

  • June 2022

    1 June 2022Cotswold & Malvern In-person meeting: Mini Show & Social evening

    6 June 2022Bedfordshire In-person meeting: Andrew Mayo, ‘Discovering downunder – from alpines of Victoria to the spectacular south-west’

    14 June 2022Epping-Forest In-person meeting: Matt Purkis, ‘Wildlife gardening’

    15 June 2022Mid-Kent Garden visit

    16 June 2022Devon Exeter In-person meeting: Trevor Wiltshire, ‘The Rock Garden at Wisley’

    21 June 2022East Surrey In-person meeting: Alex O’Sullivan, ‘An AGS Intern’s Adventures in Growing and Showing Alpines’

    30 June 2022Essex In person meeting: Dr Richard Rolf, ‘Argentina’

  • July 2022

    2 July 2022Norfolk In person meeting: Liz Livermore, ‘Chile, a Botanical Adventure’

    4 July 2022Bedfordshire In-person meeting: outdoor event

    6 July 2022Cotswold & Malvern In-person meeting: Cheese & Wine Evening at a venue TBA – contact secretary for further details.

    19 July 2022East Surrey In-person meeting: Diane Clement,‘The Narrow Road to the Deep North – Travels in Japan’

    20 July 2022Mid-Kent In-person meeting: Dr. Adrian Cooper, ‘Growing alpines and climate change’

    21 July 2022Devon Exeter In-person meeting: garden party

    27 July 2022Somerset In person meeting: Summer Social Springdale, Smeatharpe (provisional date)

    28 July 2022Essex In person meeting: Tom Freeth, ‘Alpines at Kew’

  • August 2022

    1 August 2022Bedfordshire In-person meeting: Tim Ingram, ‘Alpines and perennials for dry gardens’

    13 August 2022Norfolk Garden Visit

    16 August 2022East Surrey In-person meeting: Dr. Keith Ferguson

    25 August 2022Essex In person meeting: Diane Clement, ‘A Seedy Business’


  • September 2022

    1 September 2022Dorset In-person meeting: Tim Lever, ‘Within sight of Snowdonia . At home with Alpines’

    5 September 2022Bedfordshire In-person meeting: Tony Goode, ‘Hillary’s view (Vaud Alps)’

    10 September 2022West Yorkshire In-person meeting: John Mitchell, ‘Travels around the world’

    10 September 2022South Lancashire In-person meeting: Diane Clement, ‘Alpines in the wild and in cultivation’

    13 September 2022Epping-Forest In-person meeting: AGM

    15 September 2022Devon Exeter In-person meeting: The Roger Stuckey Memorial Lecture Christopher Bailes, ‘Andean Adventures’

    19 September 2022East-Cheshire In-person meeting: Julian Sutton, ‘The secret life of bulbs and corms’

    24 September 2022Norfolk In-person meeting: Christopher Grey-Wilson, ‘The three mountains’

    28 September 2022Somerset In person meeting: Kurt Vickery, ‘A bulb hunter’s favourite weeds’

    29 September 2022Essex In person meeting: John Amand, ‘Bulbs and how they get to your garden’

  • October 2022

    6 October 2022Dorset In-person meeting: Julian Sutton, ‘Making sense of the Iridaceae’

    8 October 2022 –  Bedfordshire In-person meeting: Annual Show

    8 October 2022South Lancashire In-person meeting: Celia Wright, ‘Orchids of the Mediterranean’

    17 October 2022East-Cheshire In-person meeting: Peter Williams, ‘Cold and frost-free greenhouse gardening’

    20 October 2022Devon Exeter In-person meeting: Jonathan Webster, ‘Rosemoor and its Plant Delights’

    22 October 2022 – TBA

    26 October 2022Somerset In person meeting: Chris Lovell, ‘Morocco through bulbous eyes’

    27 October 2022Essex In person meeting: Mike Sullivan, ‘Hybridisation of Saxifrages, Lewisias & Correas’

  • November 2022

    3 November 2022Dorset In person meeting: Bob & Rannveig Wallis, ‘Maintenance of a bulb collection’

    12 November 2022 – AGS Annual General Meeting

    12 November 2022South Lancashire In-person meeting: Neil Huntley, ‘Alpines for troughs and raised beds’

    15 November 2022East Surrey In person meeting: AGM & Members talk

    16 November 2022Mid-Kent In-person meeting: Mark Oddy, ‘Chilean alpines’

    17 November 2022Devon Exeter In person meeting: Tom Freeth, ‘The Rock Garden at RGB Kew’

    21 November 2022East-Cheshire In-person meeting: Samantha Hopes, ‘Top 100 plants’

    23 November 2022Somerset In person meeting: Members Evening

    24 November 2022Essex In person meeting: Jon Evans, ‘Wildflowers moving off the chalk’

    26 November 2022Norfolk In person meeting: Tim Lever, ‘Jewels in the rain’

  • December 2022

    1 December 2022Dorset In-person meeting: Members’ question time

    8 December 2022Devon Exeter In-person meeting: Seed Exchange, Grand Raffle & Christmas Party

    9 December 2022East-Cheshire In-person meeting: Keith Bankier, ‘Exploring Azerbaijan in search of the flowers of the Talysh and Lower Caucasus’

    10 December 2022South Lancashire In-person meeting: Cliff Booker, ‘From Zion to Neon: An American road trip’

    14 December 2022Mid-Kent In-person meeting: AGM

    14 December 2022Somerset Christmas Social (provisional date)

    21 December 2022Norfolk AGM & Christmas Social (1pm – 4pm)

Visitors admiring plants at the East Lancashire AGS Show

Visitors admiring plants at the 2022 East Lancashire AGS Show