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See below details of events and important dates in the AGS calendar. For full details of timings, venues and contacts, click on the links in each event.
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  • February 2023

    1 February 2023 Cotswold & Malvern Jon Evans, ‘The Wildside Garden’

    1 February 2023East Kent Members talk, Tim Ingram & Jeremy Spon

    1 February 2023 Derby  Diane Clement, ‘Woodland Plants in the Wild and in Cultivation’

    4 February 2023AGS Snowdrop Day at Lilleshall National Conferencing Centre, Shropshire TF10 9AT

    4 February 2023 West Yorkshire Paul Cumbleton & Colin Everett – ZOOM TALK IN HALL ‘Our Odyssey With Bulbs’

    7 February 2023 – Shropshire Tim Ingram, ‘Alpines and Perennials for Dry Gardens’ (Speaker zoomed into the Hall)

    8 February 2023Oxford & District John Grimshaw, ‘The Treasure Chest: Gems from a Plantsman’s Garden’

    10 February 2023Chiltern TBC (via Zoom)

    10 February 2023Wirral & West Cheshire Zoom meeting: Paul Cumbleton, ‘Crevice gardening’

    14 February 2023Cleveland David Charlton, ‘African Extremities’

    15 February 2023Norfolk Richard Green, ‘Northern India’ (via Zoom)

    16 February 2023North Lancashire TBA

    20 February 2023Warwickshire Ian Smith, ‘Flowers of the World’

    22 February 2023AGS Zoom Lecture Alan Ayton, ‘Alpine Flora of Australia’

    23 February 2023Essex David Haselgrove, ‘The South African West coast – an AGS Trip’

    23 February 2023Hampshire via Zoom, TBC

    25/26 February 2023East Kent, Garden visit (weather dependent)

    27 February 2023East Cheshire Razvan Chisu, ‘Early summer in the Western Alps’

    27 February 2023East Lancashire ZOOM Lecture T.J.Maher, ‘Taking a field & making a garden’

  • March 2023

    1 March 2023 Cotswold & Malvern Hillary Little, ‘In pursuit of the plants of Peru’

    2 March 2023South Devon Paul Cumbleton, ‘Plants of the Meadows, Woodlands and High peaks of the Dolomites’

    5 March 2023Shropshire Celia Wright, ‘My favourite moments in the Mountains and elsewhere’ (preceeded by AGM)

    6 March 2023Bedfordshire Bruce Bennett, ‘Scottish wildflowers and gardens’

    6 March 2023Kent – Tunbridge Wells Martyn Denney ‘Early Spring and Late Summer in Georgia’

    8 March 2023East Kent, Martyn Denney, ‘The Pre-Monsoon Flora of the Sikkim Himalaya’

    8 March 2023Oxford & District Diane Clement, ‘The Narrow Road to the Deep North – Travels in Japan’

    10 March 2023Chiltern John Tyler, ‘The Ridgeway / World of Fungi & flower show’

    10 March 2023Wirral & West Cheshire Neil Huntley, ‘My favourite alpines’

    11 March 2023 West Yorkshire Eric Rainford, ‘Greencombe Gardens’

    14 March 2023Cleveland Diane Clement, ‘The Narrow Road to the Deep North – Travels in Japan’

    16 March 2023North Lancashire Colin Crosbie, TBA

    20 March 2023East Cheshire Neil Huntley, ‘Alpines in troughs and raised beds’

    20 March 2023Warwickshire Hilary Little, ‘Newfoundland’

    21 March 2023AGS Zoom Lecture Jiří Papoušek, Dionysias in Iran – travelling with the CIA

    23 March 2023 – Hampshire Hester Forde, TBC

    23 March – 11 April 2022 – AGS Bolivia Tour

    25 March 2023Norfolk Group Show, Michael Sullivan, ‘Hybridisation, Saxifrages, Lewisia, Correas’

    26 March 2023East Lancashire ZOOM Lecture John Lonsdale, ‘Woodland Treasures’

    30 March 2023Essex Mike Lavelle, ‘Climate change and plants in the garden’

  • April 2023

    23 March – 11 April 2022 – AGS Bolivia Tour

    3 April 2023Bedfordshire John Amand, ‘Unusual bulbs and how they get to your garden’

    3 April 2023Kent – Tunbridge Wells Tom Freeth Flora and Gardens of Colorado

    4 April 2023Shropshire Diane Clement, ‘The Narrow Road to the Deep North- Travels in Japan’

    5 April 2023 Cotswold & Malvern Samantha Hope, ‘The Genus Roscoea’

    6 April 2023South Devon Members Show. Display of any plants or cur flowers of interest

    11 April 2023Cleveland AGM

    12 April 2023East Kent, Afternoon garden visit – joint with Mid Kent

    12 April 2023East Kent, Charlie Bancroft, ‘Restoring the Rock Garden at Nymans’

    12 April 2023Oxford & District Jim Jermyn, ‘Inshriach – home to Jack Drake’s Nursery and many famous plants’

    14 April 2023Chiltern Julian Sutton, ‘Beneath the Trees’

    14 April 2023Wirral & West Cheshire Local Show

    15 April 2023 West Yorkshire David Charlton, ‘Flowers of the Picos de Europa’

    17 April 2023Warwickshire Mini Show and AGM

    18 April 2023AGS Zoom Lecture Harry Jans,Botanical tour through the South Island of New Zealand’

    20 April 2023North Lancashire Ian Woosnough, ‘High Andean Cacti’

    22 April 2023Norfolk Kit Strange, ‘Alpines of the Western Pacific Coast of the USA’

    24 April 2023East Lancashire ZOOM Lecture Ger van den Beuken, ‘Cultivation & propagation of exquisite alpines’

    25 April 2023East Cheshire AGM and Group Show

    27 April 2023Essex Julian Reed, ‘Pteridology – National collection of Polystichum and Polypodium’

    27 April 2023 – Hampshire AGM & Jon Evans TBC

  • May 2023

    1 May 2023Kent – Tunbridge Wells Paul Spraklin ‘The Great Outdoors’

    2 May 2023Shropshire Jim Almond, ‘Primulaceae in the Garden’

    3 May 2023 Cotswold & Malvern Dr. Wilson Wall, ‘Hardy Orchids’

    8 May 2023Bedfordshire Ian Woolnough, ‘Cacti and other high altitude plants from South America’

    10 May 2023East Kent, Philip Oostenbrink, ‘Plant Collections’

    12 May 2023Chiltern David Jewel, ‘Sir Harold Hillier Gardens’

    12 May 2023Wirral & West Cheshire AGM & garden visit

    15 May 2023East Cheshire Ray Drew, ‘Cypripediums’

    13 May 2023 West Yorkshire AGM, Group Spring Show and short talk

    25 May 2023Essex Richard Rolfe, ‘Argentina – Part 2’

    25 May 2023 – Hampshire Diane Clement, TBC

    27 May 2023Norfolk Paul Cumbelton & Colin Everett (Zoom into our Hall at Hethersett), ‘Our Odyssey with bulbs’

    29 May 2023South Devon AGM and garden tour- Saul Walker at Stonelands House Dawlish – (2.00 p.m.)

  • June 2023

    June 2023 Kent – Tunbridge Wells BBQ venue to be announced

    5 June 2023Bedfordshire Liz Livermore, ‘Alpine flowers of the Upper Engadine’

    7 June 2023 Cotswold & Malvern Members Mini Show

    24 June 2023Norfolk David Livermore, ‘Russian Caucasus’

    29 June 2023Essex Tim Ingram, ‘Gardening on the rocks’

  • July 2023

    5 July 2023 Cotswold & Malvern Members Cheese and Wine – Venue TBA

    27 July 2023Essex Liz Livermore, ‘The alpine flora of the upper Engadine’

  • August 2023

    7 August 2023Bedfordshire David Haselgrove, ‘Spring and summer in South Africa’

    31 August 2023Essex Diane Clement, ‘The Narrow Road to the Deep North – Travels in Japan’

  • September 2023

    4 September 2023Bedfordshire Keith Bankier, ‘Cappadocia and inner Anatolia’

    13 September 2023Norfolk Alice Hunter, TBA

    18 September 2023East Cheshire Diane Clement, ‘The narrow road to the deep north – Travels in Japan’

    28 September 2023Essex Razvan Chisu, ‘Spanish daffodils and many other gems’

  • October 2023

    2 October 2023Bedfordshire AGM

    26 October 2023Essex Julian Sutton, ‘Making sense of the Iridaceae’

  • November 2023

    4 November 2023Norfolk TBA

    11 November 2023 – AGS Annual General Meeting

    30 November 2023Essex Martyn Denney, ‘Late summer and early spring in Georgia, 2 field studies’

    25 November 2023Norfolk Martyn Denny, ‘A Botanical tour of Japan’

Visitors admiring plants at the East Lancashire AGS Show

Visitors admiring plants at the 2022 East Lancashire AGS Show