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See below details of events and important dates in the AGS calendar. For full details of timings, venues and contacts, click on the links in each event.
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  • October 2021

    4 October 2021East Lancashire Online plant talk: Richard Green, ‘China – Beyond the crowds’

    5 October 2021Shropshire In-person meeting: Alan Oatway, ‘Gardening in South Lakeland’

    7 October 2021Dorset In-person meeting: Tim Ingram, ‘Alpines and Perennials for dry gardens’

    8 October 2021Chiltern In-person meeting: Rupert Wheeler, ‘Red centre of Australia’

    9 October 2021 – AGS Show at Harlow Carr

    9 October 2021South Lancashire In-person meeting: Keith Bankier, ‘Flowers of Turkey’

    10 October 2021Wirral & West Cheshire In-person meeting: Samantha Hope, ‘Cape of New Experiences’

    11 October 2021 – Seed Exchange donations deadline

    11 October 2021East Cheshire in-person meeting: Colin Hickman, ‘Agapanthus and Nerines’

    13 October 2021Oxford in-person meeting: Jim Jermyn, ‘The Dolomites – A Gardener’s Paradise’

    13 October 2021East Kent in-person meeting: Paul Spracklin, ‘Gardening with succulents – how to use cacti and succulents as landscape subjects’

    14 October 2021 – Online plant talk: Ian Young, ‘Troughs’

    16 October 2021West Yorkshire in-person meeting: AGM & members’ talk

    21 October 2021Devon-Exeter in-person meeting: Jon Evans, ‘Blackthorn Nursery January to May’

    23 October 2021 – AGS Show at Hyde Hall

    28 October 2021Hampshire group Online plant talk: Jim Almond, ‘Alpines for everyone’


  • November 2021

    2 November 2021Shropshire In-person meeting: Tim Lever, ‘Within Sight of Snowdonia: At home with Alpines

    4 November 2021Dorset In-person meeting: Lady Christine Skelmersdale, ‘Winter is not just Snowdrops!’

    8 November 2021East Lancashire, Online plant talk: Anne Spiegel, ‘Gardening on rocks – a tale of two gardens’

    10 November 2021Oxford in-person meeting: Tom Freeth, ‘The Alpine Houses of Kew’

    10 November 2021East Kent In-person meeting: Colin Moat, ‘Fifty Greys of Shade’

    12 November 2021Chiltern In-person meeting: Andrew Cleave, ‘Orchids of Italy and Alpines in Bulgaria’

    12 November 2021Wirral & West Cheshire In-person meeting: Propagation (speaker tbc)

    13 November 2021Annual General Meeting

    13 November 2021South Lancashire In-person meeting: John Dower, ‘Travels in the Peloponnese’

    13 November 2021West Yorkshire In-person meeting: Cliff Booker, ‘The cream of alpines’

    15 November 2021East Cheshire In-person meeting: Anthony Goode, ‘A crocus for all seasons’

    18 November 2021 – Online plant talk: Jim Almond, ‘Bulbs for year-round colour’

    18 November 2021Devon-Exeter In-person meeting: Bob & Rannveig Wallis, ‘Kyrgyzstan: the land of the nomads

    25 November 2021Hampshire In-person meeting: Tim Lever, ‘Jewels in the Rain’: Walking the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh’

  • December 2021

    2 December 2021Dorset In-person meeting: Richard Horswood, ‘Norway via Gothenburg Botanic Garden’

    7 December 2021Shropshire In-person meeting: zoom talk streamed to Hall, David Morris, ‘Alpines of Kazach Tien Shan

    8 December 2021Oxford in-person meeting: AGM and talk by Charles Shi on his experience at Kew

    8 December 2021East Kent Online plant talk: Răzvan Chişu, ‘Romanian alpines’

    9 December 2021Hampshire In-person meeting, quiz and members’ presentations

    10 December 2021Chiltern In-person meeting: Paul Barney, ‘Ethiopian mountain plants’

    10 December 2021Wirral & West Cheshire Christmas Members’ Meeting via Zoom

    11 December 2021South Lancashire In-person meeting: David Charlton, ‘Flowers of the Dolomites and how to grow them’

    11 December 2021West Yorkshire In-person meeting: members’ photographs

    13 December 2021East Lancashire, Online plants talk: Jim Jermyn, ‘European alpines in nature – a new look’

    24 December 2021 – AGS Photographic Competition entry deadline

  • January 2022

    8 January 2022South Lancashire In-person meeting: Neil Huntley, ‘Alpines for troughs and raised beds’

    12 January 2022Oxford in-person meeting: Members’ evening

    12 January 2022East Kent Online plant talk: Harry Jans, ‘High Alpines on the Equator’

    14 January 2022 –  Chiltern Online plant talk: Timothy Walker (via Zoom) (tbc)

    14 January 2022Wirral & West Cheshire Online plant talk: Peter Williams, ‘The Backhouse dynasty’

    27 January 2022 – Online plant talk: Dr. Adrian Cooper, ‘Climate Change and growing alpines’

  • February 2022

    3 February 2022Dorset In-person meeting: Tim Lever, ‘British alpines’

    5 February 2022 – AGS Snowdrop day, Lillieshall Hall

    9 February 2022Oxford in-person meeting: Adrian Young, ‘Alpines and Dwarf Conifers’

    9 February 2022East Kent Online plant talk: Ian Young, ‘Bulb Log’

    11 February 2022Chiltern Online plant talk: Harry Jans (via Zoom), ‘AGS plant hunting tour to Peru’

    11 February 2022Wirral & West Cheshire In-person meeting: Tim Baxter, ‘Alpine trees’

    12 February 2022South Lancashire In-person meeting: Frank Hoyle, ‘Cultivating and killing cushions’

    24 February 2022 – Online plant talk: Wim Boens, Leucojum the lesser-known sister of Galanthus

  • March 2022

    9 March 2022Oxford in-person meeting: Razvan Chisu, ‘Romanian mountain plants’

    11 March 2022Chiltern In-person meeting: Dr Adrian Cooper, ‘Growing alpine plants in UK gardens and alpine houses’

    11 March 2022 –  Wirral & West Cheshire: Online plant talk: Cliff Booker, ‘Patagonia’

    12 March 2022South Lancashire In-person meeting: Growing alpines (tbc)

    24 March 2022 – Online plant talk: Dr. Christopher Grey-Wilson, ‘Pasque-flowers, the genus Pulsatilla’

  • April 2022

    8 April 2022 – Chiltern In-person meeting: Kerrie Porteous, ‘Switzerland and Slovenia, alpines and scenery’

    8 April 2022Wirral & West Cheshire: Local show (tbc)

    9 April 2022South Lancashire In-person meeting: Home and away – garden and holiday members photos

    13 April 2022Oxford in-person meeting: Tom King, ‘The Crocus and Galanthus collections at RHS Garden Wisley’

    28 April 2022 – Online plant talk: John Dower, ‘Miniature gardens’

  • May 2022

    13 May 2022Chiltern in-person meeting: Richard Green, ‘China beyond the crowds’

    13 May 2022Wirral & West Cheshire: AGM including a walk at Ness.

    14 May 2022South Lancashire In-person meeting: Mini Show

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