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About the Seed Exchange

The AGS Seed Exchange is one of the biggest in the world. Each year, members donate a wide variety of seed for you to choose from.

What is the seed exchange?

Every year, members can order seed from our seed list. All seed is kindly donated by AGS members from all over the world, so it is a fantastic opportunity to access seeds that are not readily available near you.

What do I get?

Your order consists of 23 types of seed. You select 23 first choices and 50 second choices – you will receive these should your first choice no longer be available. Orders are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s wise to get yours in fast!

The varieties of seed available change every year which is all part of the excitement! You can have a look at last year’s seed list for an idea of what might be available (link below).

Where does the seed come from?

All seed is donated by other AGS members. A printed list of available seed is sent to members at the end of November and you can then place your order.

Orders from those who have donated seed receive priority and are usually posted before Christmas. The remaining orders are sent out in January.

How do I order?

We recommend ordering your seed online. It’s straightforward and you can find more information here and step-by-step instructions here

We do accept orders by post and these will receive the same priority as those received online.

Download the seed list

Visit the Seed Exchange