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Tour Summary
Trillium grandiflorum

9th - 23rd Mary 2011

Cost  = £3195

Ground only cost = £2745

(Toronto - Ottowa)

Deposit  = £250

Single Supplement = £290*

*Does not apply if you are wiling to share and a room-mate can be arranged. 

Between winter snows and summer leaf-burst there's a magical time in Ontario's woodlands - the great spring flower show. The Provincial flower, Trillium grandiflorum, blooms throughout in magnificent stands of white and green, with dark red Trillium erectum, and plentiful yellow Erythroniums. The Bruce Peninsula’s limestone alvars are home to Goldthread, Clintonia, Striped Coralroot and Dwarf Lake Irises, whilst exquisite Calypso Orchids nestle amongst the mosses of Flowerpot Island. Tom Thomson's evocative Algonquian landscapes captured what for many is the perfect tranquillity of the Canadian Backwoods, and in these very woods we'll encounter Pitcher Plants, Dicentras, Gaywings, Trailing Arbutus, and fantastic shows of Painted Trilliums. Further south, the waters' tumultuous descent over Niagara Falls is hardly calmed through the deep gorge below. Here forests of the Carolinian realm thrive on the warm slopes and are rich in spring ephemerals such as abundant Trilliums, Twisted-Stalks, Uvularia's and Cucumber-roots, and there's Jack-in-the-Pulpits, all sorts of Violets, Foamflowers and stands of lovely Aquilegias. Fauna will include Black Bears and Moose, and everywhere colourful warblers sing amongst some of the finest flowery woodlands in North America.

Lead By Owen Mountford and Terry Underhill.

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Calypso Orchid

Ian Green
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