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Tour Summary
Alpine Snowbell  

10th - 23rd June 2011

Cost = £2565

Ground only cost = £2365

(Toulouse - Toulouse)

Deposit = £250

Single Supplement = £225*

*Does not apply if you are willing to share and a room-mate can be arranged.


We start our exploration of the wild and craggy Pyrenees in verdant Tor, close to the Andorran border, and in the magnificent 'enchanted mountains' of Aigues Tortes, one of Spain's most beautiful National Parks. Apollos float over carpets of yellow Vitaliana, Viola cornuta, and elegant Snowbells. The two large trumpet gentians Gentiana acaulis and Gentiana alpina offer their magnificent blue trumpets in abundance and we’ll see plenty of smaller Gentians too. Four pink Primula species make a fine show along with Polygalas and several fine Sempervivums. Lammergeiers cruise the blue skies while white Pyrenean Saxifrages erupt from cliffs like miniature waterfalls and lovely blue Ramonda myconi forms pretty gardens on wet rockfaces. On the French side we’ll explore the magical Cirque de Gavarnie and the Neouvielle, a land of alpine grasslands, crystal clear lakes, forests of Beech and Silver Fir and snow-capped mountains. Ptarmigan and Alpine Accentors inhabit passes where Androsaces and Saxifrages cling tightly to rocks, the former including chamaejasme, villosa, pyrenaica and carnea subspecies laggeri. Nigritella austriaca is abundant in meadows with Pulsatillas, Aconitums, Globeflowers and white Ranunculus species.

Lead by Paul Cardy and Tristan Lafranchis.

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