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SAMOS - 17th APRIL - 28th APRIL 2012



Cost: circa £1,200




Samos Residents of mountainous Samos have fought hard over several centuries to remain Greek, but the island’s flora has much in common with Turkey which lies barely 2 kilometres away. The combination of European and Asian floristic elements and a wide altitudinal range, on a beautiful and culturally rich Aegean Island, make Samos an irresistible destination for an AGS Tour. Our base will be a comfortable hotel in a fishing village on the sunny south coast. From here we will explore the length and breadth of the island: the peaks of the Ambelos range at its centre, down through wooded slopes (some now sadly depleted by fire) and meadows, to lakes and saltpans at sea level. 


We may have to search to find Galanthus elwesii, G. gracilis, Crocus balansae and C.nubigena in flower, but Iris suaveolens, Fritillaria bithynica, F. carica, Gladiolus italica, G.illyricus and the beautiful yellow grape hyacinth, Muscari macrocarpum should all be at their best. Paeonia mascula brightens forest clearings, Campanula hagielia covers limestone rock faces, local endemicsa,Aristolochia incis , Lithodora hispidula and Erodium vetteri are special finds, and the cheerful colours of Anemone coronaria and A. pavonina are widespread. As ever in Greece, we should see plenty of orchids. No less than 58 species have been recorded from the island, but more importantly there will be a good selection close to the hotel for those who enjoy a pre-breakfast walk. The island is also an excellent place for birds, butterflies, reptiles and marine animals.



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