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BULBS OF JORDAN (organised by Greentours Limited)


Bulbs of Jordan
25 November  – 4 December 2010
Cost £1980
(Ground Only Cost £1580)
Leaders: Chris Gardner and Basak Gardner
Forming the eastern margin of the deep rift that descends to over a thousand feet below sea level on the shores of the Dead Sea are the mountains of Western Jordan, an area with a rich and distinctive flora set amid stunning landscapes. Surrounding the hilltop villages are terraces which in the cool of the desert winter host abundant bulbous species, most notably Crocuses. We’ll see elegant Crocus aleppicus, lots of Crocus hyemalis and Crocus cancellatus, newly described Crocus naqabensis and the lovely Crocus moabiticus. Colchicums are varied too and include Colchicum ritchii, Colchicum heirosolymitana and Colchicum brachyphyllum. We’ll visit a number of Jordan’s archaeological sites, most of them excellent areas for flowers, and in particular magnificent Petra, one of the world’s most superlative historical sites. The beautiful sandstone mountains surrounding Petra are peppered with Biarums and the simply stunning purple-etched white blooms of the rare juno Iris edomensis. Delicate Bellevalia desertorum blooms with Androcymbium palaestinum and we’ll look for Iris postii and near Salt, the rare and beautiful Iris vartanii.
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