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Crocus kotschyanus subsp. suworowianus Dates

11th to 22nd September 2014


Bob & Rannveig Wallis


In the region of £2,350 per person including London flights. Single supplement £300.

Camili, N E Turkey This 10 day tour to see the autumn flora of NE Turkey starts and ends in Trabzon.  The north side of the Pontic mountains are clothed in wonderful mixed forest which is supported by the high rainfall on this side, the ridge is an area of grazed moorland with short grass and lots of alpines and bulbs whereas the south side is much drier.  The flora has characters of both the Caucasus and of the Anatolian plateau.  We will team up once more with our excellent guide, Alper Ertubey of Hike ‘n Sail, to take in all the best areas of these wonderful mountains.  It will be of considerable interest to those interested in Crocus as it is timed to see three very local species in flower.

Crocus scharojanii, Soganli, NE Turkey The tour will start with the Zigana Pass which should be studded with Crocus vallicola and Colchicum speciosum at this time.  There are rivulets of yellow Crocus scharojanii on the Soğanlı Pass where it hybridises with the very abundant C vallicola to produce all intergrades from the yellow, through Cornish cream to white.  As we progress eastwards, the huge Ovitdagı Pass provides sheets of all three species (the third is C kotschyanus subsp suworowianus) and their hybrids in the meadows.  They grow here with nice stands of Gentiana gelida, a yellow flowered relative of G septemfida.  Our tour will take in the very beautiful Kavron Yayla above Ayder where we can walk around the valley below the 4000m Kaçkar Dag and/or back down to Ayder through carpets of white Crocus and take in the fabulous autumn colour of the trees.  From here it is a short trip around to the World Biosphere reserve of Çamili where we hope to get up to the high pastures to see the Crocus and Colchicum as well as the late woodland flora of Gentiana asclepidea and Campanula lactiflora.  The mountain above the hill town of Artvin is the home of colonies of Colchicum umbrosum, Gentiana septemfida and Origonum rotundifolium which although in fruit at this time, retains the lovely bracts.  We will cross the high Çam Pass to see the meadow flora and once again, fabulous colonies of Crocus kotschyanus subsp suwarowianus amongst the by now deserted summer villages.

Above Artvin, NE Turkey The tour will be by small coach with minibuses used for the rougher roads.  Accommodation will be 3 star or the best available pensions.


The tour is limited to 18 participants plus 2 leaders and bookings will be processed in order of receipt. If you intend to book your own flights, please do not do so until we have confirmed there are sufficient participants for the tour to go ahead.

For further information please contact:

AGS Centre Avon Bank Pershore WR10 3JP

phone 01386 554790 or email


Chris Barber
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