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Ione Hecker Memorial Trophy:

2016 ChesterfieldJohn Dixon, Dionysia tapetodes
2015 South WalesPaul & Gill Ranson, Dionysia archibaldii JLMS02-7/MK2
2014 LoughboroughAlan & Janet Cook, Dionysia 'Bernd Wetzel'
2013 NorthumberlandFrank & Barbara Hoyle, Douglasia laevigata
2012 MalvernEric Jarrett, Androsace x marpensis
2011 International ConferenceCyril Lafong, Androsace vandellii
2010 Early SpringMike &Christine Brown, Dionysia afghanica
2009 ClevelandGeoff Rollinson, Androsace villosa taurica
2008 East LancashireDon Peace, Androsace vandellii
2007 North of EnglandIan Kidman, Androsace robusta ssp robusta
2006 East CheshireGeoff Rollinson, Androsace cylindrica
2005 South WestPaul & Gill Ranson, Dionysia zagrica
2004 LoughboroughEdward Barraclough, Primula allionii 'mary berry'
2003 KentNigel Fuller, Dionysia curviflora
2002 BlackpoolEdward Barraclough, Primula allionii Mary Berry
2001 NorthumberlandGeoff Mawson, Primula "Joan Hughes"
2000 Early SpringMike &Christine Brown, Cyclamen coum
1999 UlsterCarol McCutcheon, Primula marginata 'Linda Pope'
1998 EAST CHESHIREDon & Heather Hyde, Cyclamen persicum
1997 MIDLANDCecilia Coller, Androsace bulleyana
1996 ClevelandJohn Dixon, Dionysia Viscidula GW/H/1305
1995 NORTH OF ENGLANDF.P. Grimshaw, Primula "White Linda Pope"
1994 East LancashireGeoff Rollinson, Androsace vandellii
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