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AGM 2009 - Award Presentation Pictures

Trophies and Medals ready for presentation.

Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett Bronze Medal

Chloe Eyre
Bronze Medal

Mala Janes
Mala Janes Bronze Medal

Michael & Mandy McLoughlin
Mike & Mandy McLoughlin Bronze Medal

Martin & Anna Sheader
Martin & Anna Sheader Dawson Trophy
Bronze medal(Art)

Ju Bramley
Ju Bramley Photography B Aggregate

Vera Buck
Vera Buck Silver Bar

Tony Hale
Tony Hale Clifford Crook Cup
Bronze medal
Silver medal
Henry Hammer Cup
Hartside Trophy

Anne Vale
Anne Vale Bronze Medal

Silver Medal

Barbara Hoyle
Silver Medal

Judith Rhymes
Judith Rhymes Silver Medal

Colin Dolding
Colin Dolding Silver medal
Lingen Trophy

Robert Amos
Robert Amos Silver Bar (1)

Peter Summers
Peter Summers Silver Bar (1)

Clive Dart
Clive Dart Silver Bar (1)
Tomlinson Tankard

Paul Street
Paul Street Silver Bar (2)

Robin Pickering
Robin Pickering AGS Spoon
AGS Spoon
AGS Spoon
Silver Bar (3)
Silver Bar (4)

Margaret Pickering
Margaret Pickering Byng Cup
Silver Bar (2)
Silver Bar (3)

Mark Childerhouse
Mark Childerhouse Gold Medal

Don & Heather Hyde receiving their 4th Gold Bar.

Diane Clement
Gold Bar (2)

Mavis & Sam Lloyd
Mavis & Sam Lloyd Gold Bar (4)

Ray Drew, Assistant Director of Shows, receiving his 5th Gold Bar.

Paul & Gill Ranson
Paul & Gill Ranson Gold Bar (8)
Gold Bar (9)

John Dixon
John Dixon Gold Bar (10)

Bob & Rannveig Wallis
Bob & Rannveig Wallis Gold Bar (23)

Lionel Clarkson
Lionel Clarkson E B Anderson Prize

Alan Newton
Alan Newton L W Browne Trophy

The Society's Assistant Editor, Robert Rolfe receiving a Farrer Medal and the Crocus Spoon.

Dave Mountfort
Dave Mountfort Bill Tubbs Trophy
Gold Bar (4)

Ivor Betteridge
Ivor Betteridge Cyclamen Society Salver
Gold Bar (19)

Ron & Hilary Price
Ron & Hilary Price Farrer Medal

Geoff Rollinson
Farrer Medal
Ione Hecker Trophy
Gold Bar (24)

Earlier in the day, Geoff was also awarded The Kath Dryden Award for his work with the Genus Androsace.

David Hoare
David Hoare Farrer Medal
Gold Bar (2)

Cyril Dart
Cyril Dart Farrer Medal

Jon Evans
Jon Evans Photography Open Aggregate
Gold Bar (Art:3)

Don Peace
Don Peace 80th Anniversary Award
Gold Bar (8)

Eric Jarrett
Eric Jarrett Farrer Medal
80th Anniversary Award
80th Anniversary Award

Graham Nicholls
Graham Nicholls 80th Anniversary Award
80th Anniversary Award
Bronze medal(Art)
Silver medal(Art)

Mike & Christine Brown
80th Anniversary Award
Farrer Medal
Farrer Medal

Alan Furness
Alan Furness 80th Anniversary Award
AGS Seed Dist. Award
Gold Bar (11)

Clare Oates
Clare Oates 80th Anniversary Award
Farrer Medal
Narcissus Salver
Ashwood Trophy

Lee & Julie Martin
Lee & Julie Martin 80th Anniversary Award
80th Anniversary Award
80th Anniversary Award
Farrer Medal
Farrer Medal
Ralph Haywood Trophy
Gold Bar (8)
Audrey Bartholomew Memorial Spoon
Anna Griffith Memorial Trophy

Cecilia Coller
Cecilia and Mervyn Coller 80th Anniversary Award
80th Anniversary Award
AGS Sewell Medal
Bill MacKenzie Trophy
Farrer Certificate
Giuseppi Cup
Mooney Cup
Royal Bank of Scotland Trophy
Walker Trophy
Gold Bar (32)
Gold Bar (33)

Cecilia is pictured with Husband Mervyn who was celebrating his 80th Birthday!

Jim McGregor