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Seed Cleaning Made Easy

Extracts from an article by Vic Aspland


 The seed cleaner's toolkit










My urge to donate clean and viable seed is partly driven by memories of some of the horrors perpetrated by donors in the 70s and 80s: the A4 envelope bulging like a pillow, and labelled Dryas octopetala. Careful combing through the mass of hairy fluff would occasionally yield enough seed to fill a packet or two. In some donations of primulas, there would be that much crushed seed pod, that it was difficult to tell whether or not there was any good seed present. But much, much worse were the wet, sticky packets containing berries, by this time decomposing and fermenting. Most seed packeters from this period will have tales of such horrors.

Ways to prepare seeds
Plonking seed  My procedures for collecting and cleaning seed have gradually evolved over the years, so I now have a few standard methods, which I find easy and convenient to use.





Ramonda myconi rosea - plonking


The Complete Article
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Vic Aspland