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Joint Rock Meeting, Loughborough, 5 October, 2013

Cyclamen graecum subsp. anatolicum
Cyclamen graecum subsp. anatolicum Awards:
  FCC (First Class Certificate)
  CC (Cultural Commendation)

Origin: Rhodes, Monte Smith

Shown by: Ian Robertson

Ian showed several other superb specimens of this subsp. at this show.

Cyclamen graecum subsp. graecum 'Rhodopou'
Cyclamen graecum subsp. graecum 'Rhodopou' Award:
  AM (Award of Merit)

Origin: Crete

Shown by: Bob & Rannveig Wallis

Gentiana 'Braemar'
Gentiana 'Braemar' Award:
  AM (Award of Merit)

Origin: Raised by Ian McNaughton

Shown by: John Richards

Pinus mugo subsp. rotundata 'Jezek'
Pinus mugo subsp. rotundata 'Jezek' Award:
  PC (Preliminary Commendation)

Origin: Czech Republic (witches broom)

Shown by: Dave Riley

Petrocosmea begonifolia
Petrocosmea begonifolia Award:
  PC (Preliminary Commendation)

Origin: China

Shown by: Wilma & Jim Wright

Hessea stellaris
Hessea stellaris Award:
  PC (Preliminary Commendation)

Origin: South Africa, Western Cape

Shown by: George Elder