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Allium thunbergii

Allium thunbergii 'Ozawa' Any plant that flowers in October and November in the Alpine House is welcome and this little Allium can be relied on to provide a splash of colour at that time of year.  Mine has been in flower for several weeks now (mid-November).

The umbels of flowers are held above the erect green foliage giving an elegant effect, avoiding the scruffy habit of many alliums at flowering time.  The bulbs divide readily and form clumps. 

A. thunbergii is a native of Japan and Korea.

It is seen here in its named form A. thunbergii 'Ozawa', exhibited at the Sussex Show in 2003 by Ian Sharpe.

Allium thunbergii album Here we see a good white form A. thunbergii album shown at Newcastle in 2006 by Ivor Betteridge.

A. thunbergii is equally at home in the garden in a raised bed or rockery.

Jim McGregor