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Paeonia cambessedessii

Paeonia cambessedessedii A plant that originates from the Balearic Isles and found at sea level to 1000m. Although it is hardy it will do best in a sheltered site. The one in the garden at Pershore thrives in our Mediterranean bed enjoying a sunny position. The stems on this plant are 60cm high although there are smaller forms, 40-45cm, around.  Leaves are ternate and pinnatisect. It has rich rose-pink flowers in late spring to early summer.  The plant shown here won a Farrer Medal for Gordon Toner at the Ulster AGS Show in 2006.

Paeonia cambessedessii The flowers are followed by spectacular crimson-red seed pods.

Paeonia cambessedessii Later the seed pods gradually open to display large shiny black seeds that provide a striking contrast with the red of the pods and immature seed. At this time of the year it is a focal point of colour in the garden when many other plants have died back for the winter. This plant can be used in beds and borders and propagates well from seed in the autumn. If you are interested in growing this from seed you will usually find it available through the AGS seed exchange. If you only have a small garden this Paeonia is ideal, not only because of its size but also the fact that you get a double benefit of the rosy pink bowl shaped flowers and the impact of its vibrant autumn colouring.

Chris & Jill (AGS Centre)