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Scilla mischtschenkoana - plant of the month March 2015

Scilla mischtschenkoana comes from Northern Iran and the South Caucasus and can be found in many collections under the synonm S. tubergeniana - the much easier to pronounce name which it goes by in the trade ( this name was incorrectly attached by J.Hoog in 1936 to the plant which had already been described by A. Grossheim as S. mischtschenkoana  in 1927). Some variation does occur in the species, from small-flowered washy-whitish/blue flowered plants to the large, floriferous, markedly blue-striped flowered form more associated in the trade as Scilla mischtschenkoana 'tubergeniana' (below)albeit invalid taxonomically. The form called 'Zwanenburg' has white flowers with a very pale blue mid-rib (bottom left).


An easy plant to grow in either the garden or a pot for early flowering - from January in mild Winters through to March - the flowers are lightly perfumed as an added bonus when flower is at a premium. As these bulbs are easily available and affordable, large clumps can be acheived in the garden; around shrubs and under trees where a degree of 'drying off' is afforded during the Summer 'leafy' months, avoiding drying-off in Spring.

Ray Drew