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Crocus goulimyi - plant of the month October 2014


Crocus goulimyi is only found in the southern Peloponnese region of Greece but where it does grow it can be found in vast quantities. Colour varies from light lavender-blue to deeper purplish tones, some with a bicoloured appearance; the pink clone shown is a selection from a seed pan grown from wild collected seed a number of years ago. 

When happy, Crocus goulimyi can multiply to large numbers from off-sets formed around the base of the corm (as with many Crocus) and the very impressive pot-full shown formed part of a display in the alpine house at the RHS Gardens Wisley. In the garden it needs a well-drained, warm and sunny position to do well but is much happier in a bulb-frame but be warned, its rate of increase can be a little too rapid ( if you consider such a thing is possible) if conditions are just right.




Crocus goulimyi is easily recognised, having no real close taxonomic allies, if only by its corm - shiny, thick and hard, Janis Ruksans describing it as 'resembling a hazelnut more than a Crocus corm'. The inner segments are usually smaller than the outers and are broadly ovate giving a goblet-like appearance to the flower. The anthers are yellow and the style is simply divided into 3, yellow to orange branches.

Ray Drew