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Viola 'Jackanapes' - plant of the month August 2014



Perhaps not for the purist Alpine Gardener but certainly a plant fit for any resonably sized rock garden, Viola 'Jackanapes' is a charming, long-lived perennials that is perfect for cottage garden-style planting schemes, either in containers or, with no rock garden, as an herbaceous border plant.


'Jackanapes' is a an old variety that, according to legend, was named after garden designer Gertrude Jekyll's pet monkey. It has pretty two-coloured flowers whose upper petals are deep violet-purple, contrasting with the golden yellow lower ones.


Propogation can only be done by cuttings as seed raised plants do not come true; large clumps can be divided. Viola 'Jackanapes' has received the prestigeous Award of Garden Merit from the RHS.

Ray Drew