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AGS Photographic Competition, 2011 - Winners

Overall Winner 2011.

Overall 2011 AGS Photographic Competition Winner (The best photograph from all classes) : Annika Korsten, Dunedin, New Zealand, for Meconopsis grandis (Class Three).


Class 1. An alpine or rock plant in a natural (wild) landscape, with both plants and landscape featured.

First: Hilary Birks, Bjørndalstræ, Norway.      

Incarvillea mairei.

Near Litang, Sichuan Province, China: July 2011.


Class 1.
Second: Roger Brownbridge, Harrogate, North Yokshire, UK.      

Ranunculus glacialis.

Diavolezza, Engadin, Switzerland: June 2011.


Class 1.
Third: Joan McCaughey, Ballinderry, Upper Lisburn, N.Ireland.      

Corydalis hamata.

Hong Shan Mountains at 3700m, south of the Sichuan Border, China: June 2011.


Class 2. Portrait of an alpine or rock plant in the wild, featuring the entire plant. 

First: Liam McCaughey, Ballinderry, Upper Lisburn, N.Ireland.      

Cypripedium lichiangense.

'Blue Moon Valley', Lijiang, China: June 2011.


Class 2.
Second: Bill Raymond, Iwerne Minster, Blandford, Dorset, UK.      

Viola biflora.

Lac de Savine, Petit Mont Cenis, France: June 2007.


Class 2.
Third: Alan Pearson, Gilesgate, Durham, UK.      

Cyclamen creticum.

Lefka Ori, Crete: April 2007.


Class 3. Close-up detail of an alpine or rock plant in the wild or in cultivation, with leaves included as appropriate.

First: Anika Korsten, Dunedin, New Zealand.      

Meconopsis grandis.

Lautaret Alpine Botanic Garden, France: June 2011.


Class 3.
Second: Cliff Booker, Whitworth, Rochdale, Lancashire, UK.      

Ophrys speculum.

Portugal: February 2009.


Class 3.
Third: Celia Sawyer, Oxford, UK.      

Pulsatilla vulgaris  (covered in fine mist).

In cultivation in the photographer's garden: March 2011.


Class 4. Alpine fauna in the wild, in a mountain landscape or in association with alpine plants.

First: Tony Hughes, Malvern, Worcestershire, UK.      

Mating pair of Black-veined White Butterflies (Aporia crataegi) on Marsh Thistle (Cirsium palustre).

Austria: June 2011.


Class 4.
Second: Bill Raymond, Iwerne Minster, Blandford, Dorset, UK.      

Milkweed Bugs (Tropidothorax leucopterus).

Jura Mountains, France: August 2011.


Class 4.
Third: Roger Brownbridge, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK.      

Ibex (Capra ibex).

Above Gornergletscher, Zermatt, Switzerland: July 2011.


Class 5. The Art Gallery - a photographic work of alpine artistry, using advanced software techniques to create an artistic image.


First: Steve Clayton, Ripponden, Halifax, Yorkshire, UK.      

'Queen of the Alps' - An abstract of Eryngium alpinum.

An image created in Photoshop using layers to create a mono effect with enhanced edges, before introducing a tritone of subtle colouring.

Class 5.

Second: Tony Duffey, Southport, Merseyside, UK.      

Jacobean Lily (Sprekelia).

A studio photograph scanned to computer, layered onto an abstract background, palette knife filter applied at about 50% opacity, and colour adjusted for impact.

Class 5.

Third: John Watson, Chile.      

'Anty Meridian Mirage' ex Conanthera urceolata.

A deliberate multi-stage effect beginning with a neat tree-like form of a tiny Conanthera - the original colours rather dull and the backround confused and uninspiring. With exposure corrected the image took on a desert-like appearance to which a sun spot and a watery mirage was added. The Conanthera had transmuted into a fanciful willow tree rooted somewhere between terra-firma and an ethereal lake.  

See original image below.    



John Watson's original image prior to editing.