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Society Annual Awards, 2005

Lyttel Trophy

The Society’s premier award to those who have made an outstanding contribution to the world of alpine plants.  

Rod Leeds is a keen and expert grower, especially of bulbous plants and has developed a very fine collection of plants at his home in Suffolk.  A great supporter of AGS Shows, he has received numerous prizes for the plants exhibited, and a handful of Farrer Medals.  In addition, he has found time to manage several gold medal-winning stands for the Society at the Chelsea Flower Show.  He is a keen lecturer and has also published several books on bulbous plants.  Rod was a past President of the Society (200-2004) and is currently Chair of the RHS Joint Rock Garden Plant Committee.  He has contributed much to our appreciation and knowledge of alpine plants and proved an excellent ambassador for the Society.

Sir William & Lady Lawrence Award

An international Award given to someone under 35 years of age who has made a contribution to work with alpines - cultivation, research etc.

Ross Graham is a native of Dunedin on New Zealand’s South Island, where he still lives. From an early age he was captivated by the extraordinary mountain flora of that island, which caused him to study plants at University and to study for a Ph.D. in plant ecology. He became very friendly with Steve Newall who at that time ran a business collecting the seed of wild mountain plants in New Zealand and for a time he worked with Steve. When Steve ceased collecting wild seed, Ross assumed his mantle and for several years he has produced an extremely interesting list of New Zealand alpines, many of which are not in cultivation. Those who have taken advantage of this facility have found his seed highly fertile, viable and invariably true to name. A number of AGS members became more closely associated with Ross when he accompanied the 2003 New Zealand Tour. They found him to be quite exceptionally knowledgeable about sites and plants, and indeed has a pioneering knowledge of certain critical groups, for instance the ’scabweed’ raoulias. Ross has an admirable mastery of mountain sites and plants for a young man, and it is to be hoped that he will continue his career in the study of the New Zealand mountain flora.

                               The Kath Dryden Award

This award recognises meritorious work and expertise in advancing our knowledge and understanding of the cultivation of a genus or group of alpine plants.

Brian Burrow in recognition for his expertise as a grower of difficult alpines for over 30 years.  He currently grows and distributes a huge range of interesting plants, especially Primulas, Androsaces and Saxifrages and has a comprehensive and unique knowledge of European and Asian high alpines.

                         The Ferrier Charlton Award

This award recognises outstanding work for the Society in an administrative or managerial capacity.

David Haselgrove was Director of Publications for over 30 years and has done much to shape the current administrative system of the Society.  He has served on Main Committee and its sub-committees over several decades.  His advice as a Solicitor has been of great value to successive Presidents, Treasurers and Directors, particularly with regard to Constitutional issues.

Award of Honour

This award recognizes sterling work undertaken on behalf of the Society, not necessarily during the year, but over a period of time

Jo Walker has served the Society in a variety of ways over many years.  She has assisted with the organization of Conferences and Workshops, served as a Local Group Secretary for 17 years and also assisted with a number of Society exhibits.  She is a past custodian of the AGS Slide Library and has been Show Secretary for the AGS National Show at Malvern since its inception.  Jo has also served several terms of office as a member of Main Committee since the 1980s.  This award recognizes her long and varied service to the Society.

Local Group Awards

These awards recognise outstanding service within a Local Group over a number of years, the impact of which is felt more widely than just the local area.

Alan Newton – for his services to the running of the AGS national shows in Newcastle and Hexham, having been Show Secretary of the latter for eleven years.  Alan has also served as a Committee member of his local group for many years and played a leading role in the organization of a variety of local group events.

John Dower – for his services to the East Lancashire Group as Chairman and Vice-Chairman and also in recognition of his work as organizer of four very successful AGS exhibits at the RHS Tatton Park Show.

Ailna Martin – for her services to the Sussex Weald  Group.  Ailna has been Chair of the Group for ten years and has organized a variety of group activities and events.  She is also a very knowledgeable plantswoman.

Sonya Walker – for her services to the West Yorkshire Group.  Sonya is a long serving member of the Group, having recently stepped down as Chair.  She has been involved in a variety of group activities and assisted with the construction of exhibits at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show.

Peter Ratcliffe – for his services to the South Lancashire Group of the AGS.  Peter was Chair of the Group for seven years and has assisted with a number of AGS exhibits at the Southport Flower Show.  In addition he has provided materials for AGS exhibits, including those at Chelsea, Harrogate and Tatton Park.

John Chaplain – for his services to the Chesterfield Group.  John is a long standing active member of the Group, having served as Chair since the early 1980s.  He has been responsible for AGS book sales within the Group, is a keen plantsman and also lectures to local gardening groups.

Literary Awards

The Clarence Elliott Memorial Award

Plant Hunting in Arunachal Pradesh  by Ken Cox [Sept 2004: 299-308]

The Florence Baker Award

Crocus sieberi subsp.Sublimis ‘Tricolor; watercolour by Anne Wright [June 2004: 204]

The Lionel & Joyce Bacon Award

Sowing, Growing, Showing by Jim Almond [June  2004: 168-186]