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Inside Snowdrop Day 2018


Saturday 3 February was an exciting day in the AGS calendar - Snowdrop Day! It’s the perfect opportunity for Galanthophiles to gather together, share their love of these beautiful plants and pick up a few to take home with them. 

It was a sell-out event with plenty to see and do.

Take a peek inside this year’s popular event…


Christopher Bailes and Christopher Brickell Snowdr


AGS President Christopher Bailes provided a warm welcome to attendees. (Pictured above with Vice-President Christopher Bickell and Jeanette Bickell.) 


David MacLennan, Andy Byfield, Wim Boens

Our Snowdrop Day speakers: David MacLennan, Wim Boens and Andy Byfield. 




There was a very fine selection of snowdrops on sale from nurseries including Monksilver, Matt Bishop, Glen Chantry, Woodchippings, Ivycroft and Edulis Nursery. 



Monksilver nursery at snowdrop day 2018

Just a selection of the wonderful snowdrops on sale. 


Snowdrop Day 2018 The most expensive plant of the day at £300.





 Galanthus plicatus 'Priscilla Bacon'

Galanthus plicatus 'Priscilla Bacon'


Snowdrop Day 2018


Margaret and David MacLennan displayed a selection of plants from their National Collection (Scientific). 


David MacLennan national collection snowdrops

Galanthus plicatus 'Seraph' (left) Galanthus 'Cressida' (right).


MacLennan Snowdrop Collection 2018

Galanthus sandersii ex Blackthorn (left) and Galanthus elwesii 'Margaret Biddulph' (right).




snowdrop nail art

Every year, AGS member Christine Mole sports beautiful snowdrop nail art.


There's a chance to see more fine snowdrops at our February shows in South Wales and Pershore


The AGS Snowdrop Day is an annual event, taking place in February. We'll confirm the 2019 date in due course, so keep your eyes peeled.