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We're working hard to increase our digital presence, via the website and social media. We're keen to build on the success we're enjoying on Facebook and Twitter thanks to Paddy Parmee's commitment. (We now have over 2,800 Facebook fans and over 2,000 Twitter followers.) 

We've recently added Instagram and Pinterest to our social footprint. Both networks rely heavily on strong imagery to attract and engage followers. As we have a wealth of stunning imagery at our fingertips, we have plenty of potential to make a splash. 


AGS Instagram 2017


Instagram is already performing well, with just shy of 150 followers in the week since it was set up. Diane Clement's 2016 photographic competition entry has been our most-liked post so far, with a brilliant 96 likes! 

If you're on Pinterest or Instragram, please show your support and follow us on the links below. Don't forget to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter too if you haven't already! 


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