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Out of the Woods - the Finished Chelsea Garden

Chelsea2016 The woodland area is based on a theme of regeneration. Rotting tree stumps are surrounded by new sapling growth and interplanted with woodland alpines.


Chelsea2016 The woodland opens out at one end  into a woodland pool, and a boggy area planted with moisture loving plants.

Chelsea2016 At the other end a rocky outcrop leads out of the woodland and is planted with rock huggers, crevice dwellers and alpines suitable for sunny raised beds and scree gardens.

Chelsea2016 The rocks lead onto a more formal area of paved terrace and a selection of troughs and containers, each with a different selection of suitable plants. A large water trough with an impressive waterspout links the terrace back to the woodland pond and the woodland itself.

Over 250 varieties of Plants and over 1400 plants in all. A magnificent achievement - congratulations to all concerned.