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Successful Display and Show at Malvern

Malvern 2013 The Society has just staged an extremely successful four day event at the Malvern Spring Flower Show.  Visitors saw a wonderful artistic competition, accompanied by a display of embroidery by Jean Morris.  Jo Walker gave demonstrations on planting hypertufa troughs and visitors to the show were invited to join in.  A display of planted troughs provided plenty of ideas as to the wide range of plants that can be used in this way.  Added to this was a display of innovative containers planted by AGS members and a photo gallery of these exhibits will be posted in the discussion area of the website.

Trillium grandiflorum On the Saturday the AGS competitive plant show took over the benches previously filled by the trough display.  Visitors were treated to a a spectacular array of plants.  Chris Lilley took Best in Show with his Trillium grandiflorum.

The book sales and information stand was busy all week recruiting new members as well as selling books, seed and merchandise.

Jon Evans has created a panoramic view of the artistic and trough display and this can be seen below - use the scroll bar to move round the hall.