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Kit's Off - AGS Editor Retires

The new editor of The Alpine Gardener, John Fitzpatrick, brought an old publishing tradition to the International Rock Garden Conference when he presented retiring editor Dr Kit Grey-Wilson with a special leaving page.

As John explained to the delegates: 'Most of my working life has been spent on national newspapers, and there is a tradition in publishing that when someone leaves a job, his or her colleagues prepare a front page of their particular publication to, shall we say, celebrate the occasion. These pages can at best be described as satirical, at worst, downright libellous!

'A few weeks ago I asked Christine McGregor (Director of the AGS) if she thought it would be a good idea to produce such a page for Kit. She said, 'Why not?; Kit has a good sense of humour.'

'However, there was one problem. The Alpine Gardener is A5 size, so you can't get very much on to a front page. So I decided that my first task as editor should be to realise members' worst fears, and redesign The Alpine Gardener as a tabloid!'

John then unveiled the special page, and there was much laughter among delegates as he read out the headlines. The framed page was then presented to Kit.

John said afterwards: 'The page was presented to Kit with the greatest respect, admiration and thanks for editing the last 84 issues of The Alpine Gardener, which have brought us all such a wealth of knowledge and enjoyment.'

Many members have requested that this hilarious page be posted on the website, so here it is.

Kit's Off - AGS Editor Retires (532Kb)