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Online Plant Trials - Do you grow Roscoea

Online plant trials - A new feature on the AGS Website
You can make your contribution to the ongoing trials of Roscoea by using the new online plant trials section of the AGS website.

Online Trials on the AGS Website


Roscoeas on the Trial Field at Wisley The RHS regularly conducts trials of plants of all sorts with a view to awarding their AGM (Award of Garden Merit) to the best Garden plants.  These Trials are usually conducted at Wisley.

Trials of Rock Plants and Alpines are conducted by the Rock Garden Plant Trials Assessment Panel and as a Pilot Study, we are implementing an online version of these trials on the AGS Website.

We will be attempting to widen the scope of the trials conducted by the Rock Garden Plant Trials Panel to a wider audience. AGS members visiting this website will have the opportunity to add their input to a trial and let us know about their experiences in growing the plants involved elsewhere in the country, or overseas.

In order to do this, we have adapted the software used for running and judging our successful online show so that it can be applied to judging trials. Registered users of the website can add their contributions to the judging process by scoring plants of which they have experience as well as uploading pictures and adding comments with an adaptation of the members' discussion area software. In the long term, we hope that we can progress to a less 'Wisley Centred' view of plant quality in the garden.  The same software could also be used in the future to conduct AGS online trials of different categories of Alpine plants in order to recommend good Alpines for people to grow in their gardens.

One trial currently being assessed by the RHS Panel is the Roscoea trial, with over 100 entries being considered.  So if you grow any of the Roscoeas in theTrial, let us know how they do in your garden and share your pictures with the panel and with other visitors to the website.

To view this new feature, just follow the link:

Online Trials on the AGS Website