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On-line Show, new features for 2009

There is still time to put an entry into the online Show,  Entries do not close until 5.00pm on Christmas Eve.

Popular Vote by Members

When entries have closed, any member of the Alpine Garden Society can participate in a popular vote to pick the members' favourite entry in each class.  You can take part in this even if you have not entered the show.  It will be interesting to see how well you agree with the official judges!

80th Anniversary Awards
During 2009, to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Society, a special award was presented at each of the Society's National Shows, for the best plant in a 19cm pot.  These Awards took the form of prints of paintings by two well known AGS Artists, the late Lawrence Greenwood and the late Duncan Lowe.

There will be two Anniversary awards available for the 2009 Online Show.

Lilium oxypetalum insigne, Androsace robusta The first Award will be a print of Lawrence Greenwood's painting of Lilium oxypetalum var insigne (left). This will be awarded for the best entry of a single species, variety of a species or hybrid.  The entry may contain more than one specimen (for example as in the case of a clump of bulbs).

The second Award will be a print of Duncan Lowe's painting of Androsace robusta.  This will be awarded for the best entry of a group of more than one variety of plant in a garden setting or in a container such as a trough.

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