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Tour of the Garden - Part Two - March 2010

AGS garden

To the left of the gate you can wander through the woodland area using these stepping stones.

The hellebores were a lovely sight in the sunshine.

AGS Garden - March 2010

Crossing the stepping stones, I turned back and this view shows the path I had previously walked along, between the two silver birch trees.  There are some lovely clusters of snowdrops.

 AGS garden

At the end of the short path from the gate, immediately to your right is the Acid Woodland area, then you can catch a glimpse of the new European Bed currently being worked on by Kana and the volunteers who help in the garden.

In the background is the main building and the lych gate.

To the left, you just catch sight of the scree bed which sits in the centre of the garden.

Scree bed
AGS scree bed

The next four pictures are of the scree bed - the first one shows the path sweeping around to the left, with a large flat topped boulder dominating.

AGS scree bed

AGS scree bed

The scree bed is divided into three sections with narrow paths running through, which you can just see from this photo.

In the background is the raised bed for growing easy alpines.

AGS scree bed

Here we are looking up the scree bed - not much colour at the moment but it does get better!  You just have to keep visiting the garden to see what appears week on week.

AGS garden

I am now walking around the path to the left, towards the easy alpine beds.

Easy Alpines
AGS garden - easy alpine bed

It is very interesting to see what is grown in this area - I will try and include photos of individual plants in future editions.  To the left is the second gate leading into the grounds of the horticultural college.

New members may be interested to know that the Seed Distribution Team make up packs of 'Easy Alpine seeds' to help you get started - please contact the AGS Centre or the Director of Seed if you would like to purchase a pack or would like further information on growing alpines from seed.

AGS garden

Moving back down towards the lych gate, I am fascinated by this pile of rock!  What is it going to be?  I could, of course, ask Kana, but I think it will be interesting just to view it each month and record the progress, if any!

AGS garden - crevice

Just below the raised bed, the crevice garden is becoming nicely established.  Again, it is rather more colourful as the year advances.

Some of the plants need protection from the winter wet, as seen from the little 'hat' shown here.

AGS garden - tufa area

Between the crevice garden and the lych gate is the tufa area.


Trough cover in AGS garden

This is how the AGS protect plants in troughs during the winter.

What methods do other members of the Society use?  Do you have any useful tips?  Please post them to the on-line discussion for the benefit of us all.

I'll finish with some plant and scenic pictures
AGS garden

Acer palmatum 'Senkaki' with snowdrops

AGS garden - crocus Crocus

AGS garden - saxifraga

AGS garden - Iris 'Katherine Hodgkin' Iris 'Katharine Hodgkin'

AGS garden conifer

I love conifers so this had to be included.

AGS garden

The sun doesn't always shine. but I've been very fortunate and I could not resist looking up and enjoying this view.  The bird song is lovely, too.

Judy Rhymes