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Pershore Garden - Early Spring 2009

Helleborus Cutting off last years leaves clears the way for the flowers and then the fresh young leaves. By doing so I found that the flowers were far more advanced than I realised.

Helleborus There were hundreds of buds in the end, but I had to tread carefully. The task of removing the old leaves can be done from November onwards.

Iberis pruttii Over on the Crevice Garden, Iberis pruttii is flowering and seeding a little bit. It is one of a group of really early alpine plants and seems very hardy. The buds have been present since before Christmas.

Saxifrage in Tufa On the Tufa are a whole range of Saxifrage that were from the original planting. This is a very early flowering cultivar.

Saxifrage on Tufa ...and another Saxifrage. I belve this is one of the Warwickshire cultivars and is covered in bud.

Saxifrag in trough Out of the gate and against the front of the building is a trough of Saxifrage. This is S. 'JocelyneBacci'.

All around the Car Park area, bulbs are forcing their way through the soil.

Androsace alpina seedlings Back in the Garden and over to the far Ballast Bed is a plant of Androsace alpina that flowered exceptionally well last year. I was almost too late to collect the seed and I knew, at the time, that a lot fell onto the ballast. No problem, it is germinating already. This should give some plants to try elsewhere in the garden.

Helichryssum sessilioides In the first Ballast Bed is a collection of high alpines and cushions. This Helichrysum sessiloides flowered well last year and set copious seed. Both of these beds have top cover from November to March, but I have begun to slide open the glass so that more moisture gets in though not on top of the more difficult plants.

R Lambert